The war between vampires and humans has been going on for centuries. Whenever the humans feel that they have the upper hand using sunlight and guns, the vampires outwits and kills them off. This led to humans exiling themselves to an enclosed prison-style wall for protection. The Clergy (also known as the church) took several men and women from childhood and trained them to defeat the vampires. They are called the Priest and Priestess.  With hyper speedy combat moves and sharp knives, the Priest and Priestess annihilate hundreds of vampires and forcing the remainder to hide out in caves, never to harm the human race again. With the vampires out of the way, the Priests try to work back into society but find it difficult when people do not want to associate themselves with them. Priest (Paul Bettany) hears word that his brother and sister-in-law were attacked by vampires and they have kidnapped his niece, Lucy (Lily Collins). He goes to the Clergy for permission to be re-instated to fight the vampires. The Clergy believes that vampires no longer exist and that his request is denied. Priest decides to go against the church and search for his niece. Will the church come after him? Why did the vampires kidnap his niece instead of feeding on her? Will Priest be too late? 


            Well, I didn’t enjoy this film at all. Throughout the time spent watching it, my mouth was flooding with questions regarding the editing, directing, and scripting of this film. For one, there are many scenes that are obvious that it was cut. For instance, the sheriff Hicks (Cam Gigandet), gets mad at Priest, puts his hand on his holster ready to pull out the gun but the scene abruptly is taken to another scene that is not connected or related to the previous one. It’s like watching the news and the newscaster interviews someone and cuts the scene after the first sentence is given, or sometimes in mid-sentence. There are a lot of those scenes in here! It was very frustrating to watch. What were the editing crew doing? Also I didn’t like that even though Maggie Q (Priestess) does not speak a lot or one of the main characters or considering that there are about four other Priests, she got way too much camera time because she is eye candy. The script is horrible making the actors look like amateurs, especially Maggie with her horrible heart-felt monologues about nothing (which should have been cut out) and Priest’s stupid raspy super hero voice, I hated that so much. The action scenes were tiring and irritating that the director allowed it. For instance, the typical wait until the bad guy comes near, perform a fast move in the air leaving the bad guy in pieces and dropping down hard but raising in slow motion with a stupid soundtrack in the background. Super lame!! Another thing is that there are five members in the group, four named Priest and one Priestess. They couldn’t keep their first name? How do you know which one another person is talking about just by saying Priest? Super stupid! Also how can they be priests when they do not preach, they kill. That is not ironic or fitting because they work for the church and God. Super annoying! All in all, horrible film and I will not watch it again.