“Justice League: The Snyder Cut” or “Zack Snyder’s Justice League” was obviously directed by Zack Snyder (this time for real) and is the 5th film in DC’s Cinematic Universe. The film sees Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot, Ray Fisher, Ezra Miller & Jason Momoa all return to their respected roles. Other actors also return such as Amy Adams, Diane Lane, Joe Morton, Jeremey Irons, Connie Nielson & J.K. Simmons. Amber Heard & Willem Dafoe also appear as their roles from the 2018 film “Aquaman”. After the original 2017 film was a box office bomb due to Joss Whedon’s reshoots after Snyder’s departure from the film, Warner Bros., decided to give Snyder another chance to showcase his version of the film. It was announced that Snyder would reshoot parts of the film rerelease the film in 2021 on the streaming service, HBO Max.

After the events of “Dawn of Justice” and the death of Superman (Cavill), an ancient power is activated in the form 3 cubes known as “Mother Boxes”. Their activation awakens Steppenwolf, a being ruthless power & former ally to the tyrant known as Darkseid. Steppenwolf plans retrieve all 3 boxes and use their power to conquer the world for Darkseid. The Amazonian Queen, Hippolyta (Nielsen) fires a flaming arrow to warn her daughter, Diana (Gadot) that Steppenwolf has stolen the box from the Amazonians. Diana joins Bruce Wayne (Affleck) to put together a team to fight Steppenwolf & his army of Parademons. Bruce finds Arthur Curry (Momoa) also known as Aquaman who is half human and half Atlantean & Barry Allen (Miller) who has the power of super speed while Diana finds Victor Stone (Fisher), a college student who was killed in car accident but later became a science project that his father Silas (Morton) working on and turned into the Cyborg after merging his remains with one of the mother boxes. Together, this alliance must stand together against Steppenwolf and stop from getting the other mother boxes and destroying the world.

From opening moments of this film, you could already tell that this was WAY better than the 2017 film. I mean this film proves studio interference is a major issue with these big blockbuster film failing at the box office. Case & Point, 2017’s “Justice League”, 2007’s “Spider Man 3”, 2015’s “Age of Ultron” & “Fantastic Four”. A lot of people may have a problem with the 4 hour runtime but this movie keeps entertained the whole way. Ray Fisher, Ezra Miller & Jason Momoa are given proper development, story arcs and depth that were sorely lacking from the original. Affleck & Gadot are even better in this film. Henry Cavill nails it Superman. The character of Steppenwolf was given a major upgrade to become a much more menacing yet sympathetic character. Like, you understand why he’s doing what he’s doing rather him just being a power hungry madman. Darkseid looked awesome & is really the “Thanos” of this DC Universe. I don’t give anything away but all the side characters were great, the storyline was amazing and really gives the Universe hope that maybe WB will have faith and let the filmmakers make their movie. Zack Snyder had a great vision, it’s just a damn shame that they didn’t see it through the first time cause this rivals all of DC’s Cinematic films combined with the exception of “Man of Steel”. I can only hope that the remaining & upcoming DC films follow THIS Universe going forward.