“Project Power” was directed by Henry Joist and Ariel Schulman who previously directed “Nerve”, “Paranormal Activity 3, 4” and “Catfish: The Movie”. The film stars Jamie Foxx, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Dominique Fishback. The film was released on Netflix and showed that the streaming service does have potential in their own original films and or series.

In the distance future New Orleans, a mysterious new synthetic drug with extraordinary side effects is circling around the city. Side effects results in super powers ranging from super strength, bulletproof skeleton, healing factors and everything in between however the effects only last 5 minutes. A small time teenage dealer, Robin (Fishback) is out making the rounds with some other dealers when they are ambushed by customers looking for this drug, codenamed Power. Robin is rescued by NO. Detective Frank Shaver (Gordon-Levitt), who is also a customer. Shaver and Robin work out a deal, she’ll give him specific Power capsules and he won’t arrest her. After this incident, one of Robin’s friends is confronted by a man looking for the origin of Power. This man, Art (Foxx) discovers Robin’s number and tracks her down. Art finds Robin and they head to the drop where Robin picks up Power. Once there, a cartel shows and a shootout ensues. Art is injured and Robin helps him escape. The 2 begin to bond as Robin learns more about Art and the connection between him, Power and its origins. Art and Robin begin a deep dive into the New Orleans drug trade and go on a high octane ride against the criminal element seeking the truth.

If you told me this was about a pill that grants you a specific super power, my response would’ve been, “very interesting”. The concept of the film is just that, interesting. Unfortunately, the rest of film doesn’t measure up. A cool concept but the film and storyline go in a completely different direction which causes a major dip in the overall experience. Very similar to “The Purge”, an interesting concept that is overshadowed by a mediocre storyline. The performances are solid but its the story that really bogs the movie down by not focusing on uninteresting things. It does have certain “earmarks” of “X-Men: The Last Stand” but not as disappointing.

This movie is basically about a legit steroid with science backdrop. It had an interesting concept but not so interesting storyline. I’ve seen this formula before and still disappointed. Netflix has a track record of hit and misses with their films. Some are good and some are complete garbage. This film, at times entertaining, was a bit of a let down.