“The Marine” was directed by John Benito & stars John Cena, Robert Patrick, Kelly Carlson, Jerome Ehlers, Anthony Ray Parker & Manu Bennett. Just like The Rock, John Cena was also a pro wrestler for the WWE who was branching out to the silver screen like The Rock, Hulk Hogan & Stone Cold Steve Austin. WWE Chairman, Vince McMahon served as executive producer through their own production studio, WWE Films, who would go on and produce new films starring their WWE superstars.

After John Triton (Cena) is discharged from the Marines for disobeying a direct order, he goes home to his wife Kate (Carlson) & agree to go on vacation. While at a gas station, John & Kate come across a group of bank robbers & jewel thieves led by Rome (Patrick) and his crew. Blindsided by the police, Rome kills the cops, burns down the gas station, kidnaps Kate & leaves John for dead. John survives & embarks on a rescue mission to save his wife and kill anyone who gets in his way.

This movie came across as generic action film but with a solid performance from John Cena this movie wasn’t that bad. It has a cliché storyline & several callback to the great action movies of the 80’s like “Commando” & “Rambo”. Robert Patrick’s performance is a bit over the top at times but then charismatic in others. The action sequences are good as well as the brutal fight scenes. It may not be the greatest but it still an entertaining film. This was John Cena debut film and really delivered as far as action heroes go.

Overall, this was a solid film debut for Cena & WWE Studios. Originally, WWE had Stone Cold Steve Austin & Al Pacino in mind for roles of Triton & Rome. Pacino passed & Austin left the WWE in 2004. Randy Orton was also considered for the film but due to his real life incident the Marines in the 90’s he too would pass on the role before they eventually went with Cena. After Pacino passed, the role was then offered to Ray Liotta before Patrick accepted the part. After filming wrapped, Cena returned to the WWE, but just like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, he would take time film other movies while The Marine would go on to launch an entire franchise which included 5 sequels and saw more WWE superstars join including Mike “The Miz” Mizanin, Ted DiBiase Jr., Summer Rae, Shawn Michaels & Becky Lynch.