End Game’s epic, climactic battle makes it well worth seeing on the big screen.

Although it is painful for all dedicated fans, we know that eventually, all good things must come to a proverbial end. Marvel films are certainly no exception. After a decade and over twenty films later, we have finally come to the end of the line. And thankfully, it’s a good ending. With a running time of three hours and some small change, Avengers End Game should satisfy all, if not most Marvel enthusiasts who have been anticipating a mind blowing culmination to the third and final Phase of the blockbuster series of franchises.

At the risk of sounding completely cliche, when we last left our heroes, and heroines, they had regrettably failed to stop mad titan Thanos (Josh Brolin) from carrying out the largest life purge in all of cosmic history. He had effectively eliminated half of the universe’s total population with a mere snap of his finger. Including naturally, the human and super hero population of our own planet. For those who remember, Thanos could have been stopped in Infinity War, but a personal problem with one of our mighty Avengers thwarted that effort.

One would presume at this stage, our remaining warriors could and would immediately, mount some type of strategy to undo what Thanos has done. But, surprisingly, it takes a little while between then and now, for the left over Avengers to really get their proverbial act together, and actually do something to get their powderized compadres back from oblivion. The strategy they finally choose seems hopelessly impossible at first, until a eureka moment strikes one of our heroes and proves otherwise.

Pouring a literal deluge of the Marvel Universe into one movie, director brothers Joe and Anthony Russo had to assure fans that each iconic headliner would get their chance to shine, and not compete for absolute attention. Not exactly an easy task when half of them were vaporized in the first place, and therefore not directly present for the majority of the phase 3 finale.

Marvel movie veteran scripters Chris Markus and Stephen McNeely do manage to keep one welded to their seat sporting all the requisite dramatic/comedic dialogue, plus enough action without getting bogged down to the point where you’re sorely tempted to take a bathroom break. After all, you could miss something.

Naturally, this seemingly hopeless situation demands Mr. Stark/Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.), and Captain America/ Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) bury the proverbial hatchet, resolving their unbelievably, antagonistic Civil War. They, and their respective devoted co-horts must focus all their aggression against a god-like despot and his devoted co-horts.

Returning from her glorious solo debut, is Brie Larson’s Carol Danvers/ Captain Marvel, the 1990’s noble warrior hero. She had received a distress signal from SHIELD agent Nick Fury(Samuel L. Jackson) just before he became a dust cloud, to be transmitted only if there was an emergency. Curent catastrophic events definitely justified the call. The Avengers have no idea what to make of her initially, but Thor (Chris Hemsworth) seems to alleviate some tension when, after deftly summoning one of his mighty weapons, he says, “I like this one.”

Dazzling visual f/x from well over a dozen effects houses, are superb as always, keenly melded with composer Alan Sylvestri’s engaging score and central Avengers theme. Neither are over indulgent, or invasive, complementing Endgame’s various other watchful elements perfectly.

At this writing, Avengers Endgame has ably cruised pass Jim Cameron’s Titanic box office cume, and is now taking aim at the director’s sci-fi epic Avatar. The Marvel pic is far from perfect, but if it can dethrone Avatar, despite some fans misgivings about it, that will be perfect enough.