This is a sequel to the 2015’s “Sicario”. Directed by newcomer, Stefano Sollima and sees Benicio Del Toro, Josh Brolin & Jeffrey Donovan reprising their roles while Isabela Moner, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo & Catherine Keener joining the cast. Missing from the previous film is Emily Blunt as the filmmakers decided to focus more on Del Toro’s character. Due to scheduling conflicts, previous director, Denis Villenueve stepped down and Sollima was bought in and Taylor Sheridan once again writes this film.

After 3 suicide bomber take out supermarket in Kansas City, the U.S Government turn to Matt Graver (Brolin) a CIA Special Activities Division officer, to continue his war on the drug cartels in Mexico. He makes a plan to kidnap the head of one the cartel’s daughter but pose as rival cartels to ensue a war among cartels and let them take each other out. The DoD agree and Graver then turns to black operative, Alejandro Gillick (Del Toro) who is expert in dealing with the cartels. However once the plans are in motion, things take a turn for the worse and betrayal and misinformation leave Graver & Gillick in hostile territory and them to question their own methods of dealing with the cartels.

Del Toro’s performance stole the first film and doesn’t change at all in this one, he carries the movie. Brolin’s performance is solid despite not having as much screen time. The dark tone from these 2 films is what separates its from other typical action thrillers. This film has great cinematography and solid action sequences. Also, like the first one, the tension building throughout the film is incredible and really pays off in key moments.

My only issue with this film is that despite having the dark tone but wasn’t as dark as the first and not as brutal either but I think that has to do with the changing of directors. Sollima’s approach was great and started off really well but its the ending that separates the directors. Seeing these characters start off in place and end in another is great but after the first’s ending, this ending wasn’t all that great or interesting. It sort of just…..ends.

Overall, this was a good action thriller but because of change in directors, the dark tone and brutality that the previous film was notorious for is a bit toned down. Basically this was good movie just not as good as the first film which is normal for sequels.