200px-high_crimes_poster.JPGHigh Crimes isn’t a high-octane film, but the acting and the suspense is enough to carry you through. Starring a good cast of Jim Caviezel, Morgan Freeman and Ashley Judd, this movie is mildly engaging.


This film is about an up and coming attorney (Ashley Judd) who is unaware of her husbands (Jim Cavaziel) sordid military past.  Not only is she unaware of his past- but the fact that he has taken on a whole new identity.


Jim Caviezel performs outstandingly as this soft-spoken family man, who is not what he seems. This is not his best work however; for I believe that his best acting is as Count Monte Cristo in The Count of Monte Cristo. What I enjoy about his acting in the movie is the insidious and yet harmless way that he behaves himself on up until the shocking ending of the movie.


I also enjoy the plot of this film; although this may not be the film you had banked on- meaning the title conveying High Crimes; when in reality the violence is sparse. This is a movie that rests primarily on plot instead of bang, boom and I enjoyed it. I believe that Jim Caviezel has a stronger antagonist role in this film than he does as the terrorist in Déjà vu.


I wouldn’t call this a good date night movie, but if you’re a suspense fan, this is your movie.