Jared Leto leads the cast as Paul Gardener, an aspiring American college journalist, in this thoroughly enjoyable and fun slasher horror. If you’re familiar with classic urban legends, this film will certainly appeal to you and you’ll be reliving your childhood of sharing legends with your friends in no time.

The story follows a college campus and after a young lady is found dead in her car, rumours start flying that there is a killer on the loose, reenacting urban legends and dispatching victims in ways identical to the legends. Is this just a rumour or is there actually a psychotic killer on the loose? Leto believes so and with the assistance of Natalie (Alicia Witt), begins to gather information for the biggest scoop of his life, though against the wishes of the college faculty. Look out for horror icon Robert Englund (A Nightmare On Elm Street series, Hatchet, etc.) as the mysterious Professor Wexler in a standout performance.

Though the film is very fun to watch and has a lot of replay value, the plot becomes increasingly predictable towards the end, however the final 2 twists will shock some of the most seasoned horror fans. Definitely one to watch at Halloween. 7.5/10.