In 2010, a brand new animation studio emerged in a way to challenge the big dogs like Disney and Pixar. That was Illumination Entertainment, who stunned audiences with the animated film known as “Despicable Me”. The movie was a huge success, and allowed for the company to expand further into bigger and better animated films. However, the main star that everybody seemed to love from “Despicable Me” were the Minions: cute yellow creatures that became an overnight success. So, a spin-off movie featuring these little yellow beings was inevitable. Now, nearly five years later, we have that spin-off in the form of “Minions”. Instead of being its own unique product, the movie is actually a prequel to the “Despicable Me” franchise, and focuses on what events led up to the Minions working for Gru. “Minions” will please fans of “Despicable Me”, but everyone else, the little yellow balls with eyes might have overstayed their welcome.

The story involves the origins of the Minions in question. Starting off at the beginning of time itself, the Minions have one purpose in life: to be in servitude to the biggest bad guy they can find. However, their tenure does not last long, as their bosses tend to be axed off or taken away from the Minions too soon. One brave Minion named Kevin decides to venture forth and find the perfect bad guy for the Minions to work for. Accompanied by his best friends Stuart and Bob, they initially find a bad guy in the form of Scarlet Overkill (Sandra Bullock). Yes, a female villain. Here, the trio are informed that in order for Scarlet to become the greatest villain ever, she wants to steal the crown of the queen of England. So, it’s up to Kevin, Stuart and Bob to try and get the crown and hopefully win Scarlet’s heart and server her forever. Without screwing it up in the process.

“Minions” is a nice admirable movie to watch. The animation looks nice, and the characters are well-designed to fit the contemporary of the movie. The cast does do a good job with the rolls they are given, and the performance is done well. Even Bullock plays Scarlet as this over the top villain with a clear set and goal. The backgrounds are nicely done, as they represent the late 1960s in England. On a side note, the soundtrack provided for this movie is pretty cool as they feature a lot of popular tracks from that particular time frame, like The Rolling Stones and The Beatles. Another good thing worth mentioning is the fact that there is a lot of good humor provided in the movie; ranging from slapstick to visual gags, the comedy is well done here.

However, that’s not to say the whole movie is perfect. For one thing, it does tend to go on a bit long, and the movie could have been trimmed by a few minutes. Another issue is that with the historical setting of the 1960s is fine, it would have been nice to see more variety thrown in that just a few mentions here and there. Also, it would have been nice to witness a more executed story involving the Minions. As a prequel, it’s okay, and that’s the perfect word to describe this movie: okay. It’s nothing special, nothing terrible, it’s just okay. And where the film suffers is in the story department; if it could have had a better execution, then it would have been acceptable.

In conclusion, while “Minions” may not be the best interpretation of the little yellow guys, it doesn’t seem that their staying factor will not go away anytime soon.