“Words areflowing out like endless rains into a paper cup”, aptly describes thissurreal kaleidoscope of a film. Directed by Julie Taymor,this musical film invites you to get lost and free in the 70’s as you areserenaded by songs of the biggest band in history- The Beatles. The filmfollows a group of people that seemingly, “Come Together”starring Evan Rachel Wood, Jim Sturgess, Joe Anderson and T.V. Carpio.Also in this film are Dana Fuchs and Martin Luther McCoy. 


 “Isn’tanybody going to listen to my story, all about the girl who came to stay,”sings Jim Strugess. Jude (Jim Strugess) opens up the film on the cool briskovercast beach of Liverpool reminiscing of the days past, and the friends ofthe past. Waves on the beach crash and fall tumbling within them a collage ofevents from the past that is in a way overlapped over the crashing sea. Thefilm covers Jude’s initial plan to go to America to meet his dad and tosee the USA. His father works at Princeton and so Jude ultimately believes thathis father is a college professor. So Jude picks up his life, leaving hismother in Liverpool to meet his estranged father. 

On arrival he collideswith a student named Max (Joe Anderson) and he asks about his father theprofessor. He soon learns from Max that his father works in physical plant andis no professor at all. Upon meeting his father he learns that his father hasanother family in America and that he had no knowledge that his son-Jude,existed. Jude becomes a close comrade of Max and the two hit it off at once,leading into the awesomely performed song, “With a Little Help From MyFriends”. Latter on Max invites Jude to his house for thanksgiving and itis here that he gets to know Lucy (Evan Rachel Wood). In the interim strife isengulfing Detroit with the race riots that took place during the 70’s. We arepulled in to the scene by a young boy who seeks shelter from the raucoussurrounding him as he sings, “Let it Be”. It is in all this sorrowthat we are introduced to JoJo (Martin Luther McCoy) who seems to be JimiHendrix. He leaves all of the sorrows of Detroit behind and embarks on his ownroad that leads him to New York. Back in Princeton, Max has an unpleasantaltercation with his father during thanksgiving that moves him to tell hisfather he plans on dropping out of college. He takes Jude and Lucy bowling, andspontaneously says that he and Jude should go to New York. So the two embark ontheir Journey to the Big Apple. Prudence (T.V Carpio) is another person thatout of dissatisfaction with her life and her long to, “Hold theHand”, of another girl leaves to see the eclectic Big Apple. Here allthese people convoluted and somehow end up in the same apt. buildingpresided upon by the landlord/singer, Sadie (Dana Fuchs). JoJo, Jude, Max andSadie hit it off at once and all of a sudden our, “Dear Prudence,”comes, or shall we say, “Came in Through the Bathroom Window”.


Back in Princeton Lucylearns that her boyfriend has been killed in the war and goes to New York forthe summer to divert her mind and be with her brother Max.It’s under this roofthat this thespian drama takes place, covering Max’s having to go to war andthe relationship that forms between Jude and Lucy. At the same time we haveanother relationship being fostered between JoJo and Sadie, this is observed byPrudence who has taken a liking for Sadie. 


I am the Walrus, isperformed with swagger that only the Irish rock star Bono can strut. We seethis take place at a psychedelic party in which Sadie is invited to, by aproducer that wants her to sing with his label. The thing that makes allof these performances memorable is that you can see that each performer isreally making the songs there own instead of trying to be Beatles coverperformances. Check out the vivacity and rawness that Max (JoeAnderson) brings to this film with songs such as “Happiness is aWarm Gun” in which we get a glimpse at the sumptuous nurse (SalmaHayek). If you’re gonna have a shot, as you’ll see, you will want her tobe your nurse.

     “ I Want You”, is one of the songsin this movie that is given some of the most opulent sets. The productionis very artistic in its interpretation of this song as meaning that UncleSam want’s Max to join the army. As Max enters the government building to bedrafted a poster of Uncle Sam literally comes to life in a digital way asif trying to grasp Max in its Joker like face paint.  For The Benefitof Mr. Kite, is a truly bountiful ballet of visual fun. We get to see the songhappen after the group of friends is dropped of in a field seemingly inthe middle of no where…only to find preparation being made for a grandproduction, “Second to none”.  


“When I get to thebottom…”

“The long and winding road,” that leadsus to the end of this beautiful “production second to none,” shouldbe watched no questions asked. On this movie you will see actors that seem toembody certain stars like Jude who in my opinion looks a little and sounds alittle like one of the Beatles, as well as JoJo, who really resembles the lateJimi Hendrix. But don’t look for comparisons between those figures and theactors in this movie; rather sit back and enjoy a movie that is truly a work ofart.