Cast: Laura Harris, Andy Nyman, and Tim McInnerny

Director: Christopher Smith

Runtime 90 min

Qwerty Films

When employees from a multi-national defense company go away for a team building weekend in the creepy mountains of Eastern Europe , they get more than they bargained for when a group of slaughter bent ex-soldiers-slash-war criminals terrorizes their quiet weekend retreat.

This film took some time to warm up and the jokes didn’t always come off but once the movie got started it was bloody and funny, it was bloody funny! There’s a ton of drug and sex humor, blood and guts, everything a girl wants from her black comedies. I especially loved the unexpected scares Christopher Smith packed in but the reason I walked away loving this film was the heroine of the film, Maggie (Laura Harris of Dead Like Me fame) When faced with the prospect of a savage and bloody death she does not run and hide, hell no, she turns into Rambitch with a vengeance and hunts down her assailants all the while maintaining her girlish charm. So yes if I had to grade the film I’d give it a B but if you stick with it I think you’ll love the cleverness of the brutality and the witty dialogue. If you like the British, horror films, black comedies or scary Eastern European murdering renegades with scary masks and machetes, this film is for you. By Cat Elrod -this review is also available at