An innocent comedy that’s very clean and has a good heart.

Paul Blart is a very lovable guy with a good heart and is also pretty funny. He lives with his mother and his daughter from his first marriage with a Mexican immigrant. He works as a Mall Cop for a local mall and is very dedicated to his job. Everyone at the mall is getting ready for Black Friday, the worst and busiest shopping day of the year. Paul tries to get to know a new girl at the mall Amy, Jayma Mays. He embarrasses himself infront of her when all the workers go out later that night and he accidentally gets drunk and makes a fool of himself. The next day, Black Friday, he comes to work not in his best mood. When it gets close to closing time Paul takes a little time out to play Guitar Hero at the arcade. Meanwhile a group of criminals starts to take over the mall. They have 6 hostages one of whom is Amy. Now Paul must save the day in a Die Hard kind of way.

This is a harmlessly funny movie. Obviously its not the best but it wasn’t meant to be the best. The movie is very clean, hence the PG rating and it keeps the laughs coming. One scene shows Paul giving an old man a ticket for going to fast on his scooter around the mall. Easily the funniest scene in the movie. Kevin James is very funny as Blart. He’s a big funny guy and you can tell he’s having a good time playing this character. James’ brother, Gary Valentine, makes a hilarious cameo as a hippie looking singer at the bar where Paul makes a fool of himself. Jayma Mays is very cute and sweet as Amy. She has a nice voice and you can easily see what Paul likes about her. Bobby Canavale also gives a decent performance as the leader of the SWAT team trying to negotiate with the criminals.

Overall, yes not the best movie, what would expect from Happy Madison. But its still a good movie to bring the family too or to go see with a group of friends. So I would give it a recommendation to go see it mainly for Kevin James and also for the semi-parody of the Die Hard plot.