This movie turned out to be one of the most beautiful and magical movies I’ve ever seen.

The movie starts off with Ray, Kevin Costner, working in his corn field and he hears a voice. The voice tells him that “if he builds it, he will come.” Once Ray figures out what this means he builds a huge baseball field in his backyard. Little does he know there’s magic in this baseball field. One night his daughter notices a man standing out in the field, turns out the man is Shoeless Joe Jackson, Ray Liotta. Jackson was baseball player who was kicked out of the league a while back after he and eight other players were believed of shaving points. Him and those other eight players now get to spend there days out on Ray’s ball field. The voice comes back again and tells Ray to “ease his pain.” At a school meeting he learns that the man the voice is talking about is an author named Terrance Mann, the always great James Earl Jones. He has to take Terrance to a Red Sox game where something will happen that will help explain more about what’s going on with his baseball field and everything. All while this is happening Ray’s family is now about to lose their farm because of the ball field. While sometimes unrealistic, the movie is a wonderous one to watch.

Kevin Costner gives one of his best performances as Ray. He’s just a simple man with a heart of gold who is all of sudden chosen to do something great and he’s not sure why. James Earl Jones always gives his best in any role he takes on. His character starts off mean and sheltered but comes to be a great man just like Ray and see the magic that is the ball field.

Overall this may very well be the best movie I have ever seen. I was sure it would be a good one but its stuck with me ever since I watched it. It has so much heart and passion in it and the performances all make for one great movie. This is one I definitely recommend watching if you believe in magic and believe that dreams can come true. That’s what this movie is all about dreams and what you plan to make of them.