SYNOPSIS- In a Nut shell this movie is about an military trained assassin who is tired of killing of killing people and wants to do something else that something is being a hair dresser. So he fakes his death and goes to america to become a hair dresser and thinks nobody will find him there or reconize them but they do. And it turns out that he winds up in a fueding palistein area but if was all a plot to get all islamic people out of that area so “the man” can build something there. So all the islamic people tag team and take him down and stopped fueding with each other. The block than became peaceful for all the shop owners on both sides of the street.

             Im sorry if I didnt really explain the movie in vary good detail but that’s because honestly I vaguely remember this movie it was so stupid, boring, and dumb. It was a failed attempt at trying to bring back Adam Sandler, I mean he his a good actor dont get me wrong I think he was really funny in “Happy Gilmore” and “Billy Madison” but he fell off. i dont have anything against him or anyone else i write about I write reviews about THE MOVIE not anyone inparticular unless they really deserve it but anyway the movie was truly pointless but in all honest if you were to watch this movie everything I said about “You Dont Mess With The Zohan” explains the whole entire movie. My synopsis sums it all up in that little paragraph and that’s hard because you know movies always have a twist or turn in it, no not in this case it doesn’t. This movie was just like I said about “First Sunday” they were trying to hard on foucusing to make it funny instead of it being naturally funny. I mean i heard nothing but bad reviews on this movie but yet I still took the chance to watch it. Despite what i heard about on the reviews about this movie being bad and not neccessary think they were wrong but I had to find out for myself because everyone’s opinion is different and varies. So I rented it and find out for myself that the movie sucked, I thought it could’ve been alot better than it was i mean the whole movie revolved around him killing people in the beginning with alot CGI that tottally looked fake. Than when he came to America he was shunted at first in the salon he worked because the sexy shop owner  Dahlia (Emmanuelle Chriqui) you may or may not remember her from i think “Wrong Turn” and or ” In The Mix” as usher’s love interest that he was ordered to protect. But back on subject she didnt believe he could actually do hair til zohan showed her other wise but besides doing old ladies hair he was having sex with them. as well. Come on now how low do you have to go to have sex with someone above or at 60 that’s your grandma’s age. That’s not funny thats just weird and gross and i kinda feel bad for all the old ladies too because he was really giving it to them they cant take that, especially how they were making it seem. He could’ve dislocated her hip replacement, at that age they pretty much skin and bone. Thats the movie he’s either fighting with cheap looking CGI, doing hair, or having sex with old ladies til he finally wises up and starts to push up on Dahlia (Emmanuelle Chriqui). So hey there’s another crap movie; we as americans are so worried about our economy if they stopped wasting money making stupid movies like this and many other’s like it, I think it would help us all out alot. It would can save money also on us “the consumer” from wasting our money renting it and buying this stupid movie and other’s like it. We could use our money on something else like these crazy home mortgage rates but say that’s my opinion.