This is the sequel to the movie Resident Evil.  Both are based a video game of the same name.  This movie stars Mila Jovovich.  It is rated R for what it calls non-stop violence (I haven’t seen that before), and language.  It is a hour and 34 minutes long. 

 If you saw the first one, Resident Evil, you have an idea of what is going on in this movie.   If you haven’t watched the first one quick update – Alice (MJ) works for a company that has made a way to change/mutate DNA.  That liquid miracle (the T-Virus) got out, killed a bunch of people and made dogs and people into zombies.  Alice and one other person was saved.  That was the end.  This movie begins with Alice waking up and finding herself in a room.  The doctors have been studying her and she is alone.  She has been changed but at the beginning of the movie she is unsure about all that.  The town aurrounding her is being quarentened.  People who are trying to escape are being murdered.  Zombies are once again free.  Alice and a team of survivors attempt to leave, and find a way out.  A little girl who holds the key and the answer. 

This movie is faster paced than the first movie, but not by much.  There are more zombies, more fighting, and more blood and gore.  The fighting sequences are intense, and they are also exciting.  I felt myself holding my breath waiting to see who would win each fight.  Some were believable, and others were not totally, but you can understand how Alice can run and jump and fight so well.  She too realizes she has been changed somehow.

I only wish that the movie didn’t have to end with the other survivor from the first movie becomming a monster and fighting Alice to the death.  At least one death on the movie is not as satisfying, but then again there is one death towards the end of the movie that makes you want to scream “YES”.

The movie ends with another lead in to another sequel.  That movie will be coming out this fall, it’s entitled Resident Evil: Extinction.  I think if you play the video game, this goes beyond the game, so you might think you are watching one movie, and realize you are watching another.  Don’t be disappointed.  I look forward to watching the next movie, I’d like to know if Alice is good or zombie.