Red, blue, action! This animated movie will have you whooping and cheering and have you hanging for more.

The story starts of when Jaba’s son is kidnapped from him and he wants the Jedi knights to retrieve them. Jaba asks the council who include Yoda and Samuel L. Jackson’s character for Obi Wan and Anakin Skywalker. In the midst of it all cont Doku is up to his evil schemes again. He tries to tell Jaba that the Jedi has kidnapped Jaba’s son from the hut and they are coming for him next. Star War fans will want to know more when they see this film! If you have seen all Star Wars films it will make sense in what is going on. The whole story line is making sure that the Jedi can use the Hut’s routes to help the outer rims who are at war. Of course, Obi Wan and Anakin Skywalker are the two main stars of the movie. Anakin is also training his youngling who is almost as clever as he is. When they both have each other’s backs they make quite a team.

I am not a Star Wars fanatic but I do like the story line. This film is very good for those who are not into the whole Star Wars frenzy. I liked this movie, it had action at every turn. I liked the suspense about who was the good side and bad side and who was going to win. Star Wars fans will throughly enjoy this movie. This movie will hopefully go into the #1 spot in the top box office and knock out Dark Knight. No offense, Batman but we know you rock but let another movie have its share in the game huh? The adventure in this movie was quite fun to see, ships crash landing, Jedi fights including the one between Anakin and Doku. However, the movie makes references to the other star wars films for example when Doku tells Anakin about his past. Well, you should see the other movies and then you will be like, “Oh yes, I remember.”

Overall, this movie has action and fun all over it. May the force be with you as you enjoy the red and blue laser adventure!