Once every couple of years there comes a duo of actors who are so perfect together that they redefine the genre they act in. A duo so magnificent that the world marvels at their talents. Will Ferrell and John C. Reily are not that duo, which is rather unfortunate. After their last collaboration Talladega Nights, a movie which I found pretty funny albeit a stupid movie, the duo decided to come together once again and try to his comedy gold. Their first step was to get together, done. Their second step was to get a story together, and their third step was to film their improvisations. However, it seems that these two skipped the very important step two and began filming this movie with the anticipation that the outcome would be great since they were together again.


The movie starts with the mother of Brennan, a thirty something year old who still lives with his mother, falling in love with the father of Dale who is in the same situation as Brennan. The movie travels along with the two new step brothers going through the crazy antics that most twelve year old brothers tend to go through… sometimes, and then turning best friends. While this premise is slightly weak to begin with we have to realize that it is highly doubtful that anyone is walking into this movie expecting a story. They really want to see these two actors play off each other and make penis jokes. This movie, unlike Talladega Nights, is rated R which allowed Ferrell and Reily complete access to obscenities and they take advantage of that for the most part.


The movie fails for me in that, while I accepted from the beginning that the story was going to be weak, I could not accept that the characters were going to be completely unbelievable and stupid. I’m not taking about the two leads, I’m talking about their parents. These two seem like normal, rational adults and they just stand by and allow their sons go through these ridiculous and insane things that no sane human being would let them do. At one point the two step brothers come running in begging to make a bunk bed and the dad simple yells “No Power Tools!” as they hear drilling coming from the room.


Now Ferrell and Reily may not be the next Pacino and DeNiro but they do have some chemistry together and I admit that they did make me laugh every once in a while, and on rare occasion had me near tears, but they were hollow laughs with random jokes that would have belonged in an SNL skit and not a full feature movie. The more I thought about it the more I came to realize that this movie premise would have had potential if they did all of these antics and stupidities with actual twelve year olds. I can see this being a very funny movie if the actors were actually the age that these two actors are acting like. As it stands right now the movie is just a big mess with some funny jokes spread throughout the entire thing and comes together in a dull ending. While I enjoyed Talladega Nights I feel that Will Ferrell acting stupid and yelling at another actor is getting old and I do hope that he’ll end up trying some different things because he truly is a funny actor, and John C. Reilly is too so I hope for good things for both of them, unfortunately this movie just didn’t do it at all. Hopefully they will spend more time on their next collaboration and won’t resort to Chewbacca masks to make the audience laugh. 2.5/5




P.S. I did laugh at the Chewbacca mask joke.