Not as good as the first two, but quite enjoyable. This movie stars Brendan Fraser and Maria Bello who play two retired parents and are no longer mummy hunting. Action, romance and quite a few sparks along makes this movie interesting.

The story goes when in the beginning when the emporer is imprisoned when a woman who loves his trusted adviser leaves the emporer to help save China. Several years later, Alex O Connell, son of Rick and Eve goes down on a dig to China after he drops out of college. Alex has been visiting his uncle John who has his own night club. Back in England, a mysterious man comes to Rick and Eve to put the heart back into China. But little do they know that they are in trouble when a friend betrays them. The O Connels along with John are tricked into awaken the emporer and are in a flight to save the world.

The story itself was quite an adventure and it was not as exciting as the first two films. No offense Maria, but Rachel makes a good Eve following her from the first two mummy’s. I missed that she was not in the third one because it would have been like the first two, but in China rather than Egypt. Brendan’s acting was a little more dadish and not such an action guy. The acting overall was fun to see. Jet Li still has it with his kung fu and acting talents. I was surprised to see the his enemy from Romeo Must Die plays his enemy yet again in this movie. The newcomer who plays Alex did extremely well for his film debut. Uncle John was funny, however his humor fell when he did not crack as much jokes.

The direction took a different turn from Egypt to China.  The first two mummy’s took place in Egypt which has cool artifacts and gods. I liked the whole Egyptian theme where the acting and the jokes were funny and cool. The whole China thing was different; but the only thing that was cool was the mummy turning into a dragon and the beast thing along with the abdominal snowmen who turned out to be on the good guys side, which when the previews were out makes you think they were the bad guys. Well I thought it was kinda cool that the snowmen came to help them. Another interesting thing was the whole immortality power to live forever and gaining the power to take over the world. The fighting scenes were better in the first two mummy’s where there was a book to destroy the mummy rather than a knife to kill him off by stabbing him in the heart. However, being in China was cool to see some of the cultural aspects like Chinese New Year and the general betraying the king.

Overall, this movie was good, but not as excellent as the first two mummy’s. The humor was funny but lacking in the right places.  The acting was good but could have been better and more actiony. I miss Rachel being Eve and Brendan was a dadish figure in the movie rather than an action figure. However, there were some memorable parts and some references to the first two mummy’s. “You only put down one mummy dad.” “Yeah, same mummy twice.” This line was very memorable and funny for the first two mummy’s were better. Yet, this movie will still make it into box office with a very negative aspect.