When the idea of going to see a movie about cancer is presented you might not instantly think to jump at the opportunity. After all most of us know somebody who’s been affected by cancer. The initial idea of spending the time, we’d normally reserve for recreation, living through this type of experience is not one any of us would deem entertaining.

But, after experiencing Joseph Gordon Levitt and Seth Rogan in their new film 50/50 that preconception has been changed.

When a healthy 27 year old, played by Levitt, is diagnosed with cancer the journey takes him through a spectrum of emotions. Along for the ride is his best friend, played by Rogan, who tries to lighten up his buddy’s life changing event by staying as positive as possible. Especially, after Levitt’s longtime girlfriend begins having her doubts and the stress of having to tell his mother, who’s already taking care of his father with Alzheimer, all begins to take its toll.

Taking the doctors advice Levitt begins to see a beautiful young therapist to help with the adjustment. The sessions prove helpful as the two progress to break through boundaries as he goes through the traditional phases of treatment.

On hindsight, this film is an entertaining and realistic journey of one mans fight with this killer. While at times it’s heartwarming and tear-jerking at others it’s a laugh out loud comedy.

Of course the comic relief comes entirely through Rogan’s performance, while the heart of the film beats through Levitt’s. For a film script that isn’t like its action-packed, CGI heavy competitors 50/50 is an excellently paced, well told story that is sure to have Oscar calling in the next few months,

I’m giving the “must-see” film 50/50 a near perfect 4.5 out of 5.