A young woman police officer, Detective Namsoon and her partner Detective Ahn, are investigating a case regarding counterfeit ring operating in their jurisdiction. They follow the trail of a young swordsman only known as “Sad Eyes”, who they believe is part of the crime operation. As Namsoon gets closer to apprehending her suspect, she finds herself falling for his silent charm, and in process makes it hard for her to put aside her own emotions.

A 2005 Korean martial arts film directed by Myung-se Lee. Its Korean title directly translates to “The Detective”. The film is attest to the creativity, innovation, and beauty of films that Korea has to offer.

Funny story, I actually had to watch this with no audio as I came across it at work (where sadly, we are not allowed to play audio on our space). Anyway, luckily it was subtitled in English, and its amazing how I actually enjoyed this like a modern silent film. It also didn’t take away the entertainment value of it, and I found it to be a quality screening. I will definitely take a second peek at this with full sound and all once I get the chance to.

What a breathtaking film. Very beautiful and visual. The cinematography and effects are gorgeous. A film that probably made use of every basic camera trick in the book, putting to good use camera panning, circling, stop-motion, lighting, dark shades, and color. So awesomely choreographed are the fight scenes, that are made to look like dance sequences of style and grace. So unique how this is set in a historical era of samurai and ninja, yet has a modern story line flare to it. Just brilliant film making.

Definitely a must see.

This is now up there as one of my favorite Korean titles.