Resurrecting The Champ was directed by Rod Lurie and is based on a true story that was based on a lie. It is about a struggling sportswriter who meets a homeless man who tells him he is a former boxing champ. Desperate to change is life, the sports writer latches on to the homeless man and gets his story published to critical acclaim. However, soon after the story comes out it is obvious that all of the facts don’t exactly match up. The movie stars Josh Hartnett as the writer and Samuel L. Jackson as the homeless boxer.

I do not have anything personal against actor Josh Hartnett, I think he is perfect for certain roles. However, I do not think he was the right choice for leading this drama. In such a slow paced movie Josh Hartnett’s expressionless slow acting heaps boring on top of boring. Really the acting comes down to a battle of Josh Hartnett’s hair versus Samuel L. Jackson’s funny voice. Yes, Hartnett’s hair is perfectly combed and weird looking on his head, so much so that it distracts Yes, Samuel L. Jackson’s character talks in a funny voice the entire time, which gets annoying at certain points, though ultimately ends up not being as bad as Hartnett’s hair and its performance. Jackson’s character has the best lines of the movie and becomes the lovable scamp sort of entity easily winning your sympathies.

Did I mention this movie is very boring? Every move within the plot that is made is predictable and nothing ever happens to shake things up. I was not familiar with the true story this was based on, so I thought maybe something would jump out as interesting to me. Nope. Resurrecting The Champ is dead on arrival.