Yes You Can! Quite a positive statement that is being thrashed around within the service industry and the self-help books of today. Inspiration is the mother of all success in my personal experience. There is nothing stronger than the heart of a fighter. Commandeering the box office at an estimated $ 27.3 million in its opening week and knocking out ROCKY IV from the top spot at opening weekends in boxing movie history REAL STEEL changes the game of boxing as we know it. 127 minutes of REAL STEEL clashing at its hardest against the X MEN main man Wolverine without the adamantium. A movie that is true to its teaser campaigns, a movie that will move you and inspire you and even draw a tear. It certainly did make me cry and I am moved by the emotional plot that I forced to avoid purely to protect my manhood; yet I succumbed.

Charlie Kenton a boxer by background is into robot boxing however is unable to catch a break. Loss seem to be following him where ever he goes and all his robot fighters end up being sold as scrap metal after being torn to shreds buy his opponents. Charlie who is irresponsible and callous in nature sees an opportunity in the death of his ex-wife to make some money by making a deal over the custody of his own son Max just so that he can find enough money to buy a new robot fighter. This does not give us quite the good image of Charlie being a responsible father does it?  Much like Wolverine, stubborn at the core Charlie meets his match in his own son Max who ends up with him during the summer as a result of $ 50,000 business deal made over the custody. Father and Son reunited after 11 years as a result of the death of the mother and also as a partial business deal is not something that young Max does take lightly, after all Max is like his father ; Stubborn to the core. Losing all his money over one night in a fight, Charlie and Max rummage an old scrap yard stumbling upon a G2 robot that is built to take a hit but not to deliver one. Max who takes ownership for the robot cleans him up and asks Charlie to set him up with a fight.

Hugh Jackmans’ most successful role out of the X MEN franchise and VAN HELSING, it’s quite appealing to see him fit into the role of Charlie and not carry any of Wolverine along with him. Most actors of Hollywood find it hard to shed off roles that are imprinted with their names. Daniel Craig, Paul Walker and Vin Diesel are few people who will always be linked as Bond, Torreto and Connor. I am still awaiting the fate of young actor Daniel Radcliffe who will find it a challenge to shed of the Harry Potter that will hang on him for a long time. Why do you think Prime Time actors/actresses find it hard to make it to the big screens once they have done like 5 seasons on prime time. My point is that Hugh Jackman pulls this off and I didn’t see him one bit as a Wolverine despite his characters stubborn arrogant nature which is required to the plot. The heartbreaker indeed is 12 year old Canadian Dakota Goyo. Indeed with a little bit Justin Beiber hanging in his hair this young guy brings the REAL into REAL STEEL. The chemistry between the father and son and bonding makes this movie different; it does take time to grow on you, yet it certainly will. Evangeline Lily who plays Bailey; Charlie’s girl friend is indeed a vital character although her presence may be overshadowed with all the action of metal clashing on metal. Without Bailey I feel Charlie will never connect with Max and the beautiful Evangeline Lily delivers this gracefully yet with a touch of Kate from the Prime Time show LOST. Yet another example of how roles are imprinted into the celebrities. (If you have not watched LOST; it is high time you did).

Once segmented by me as a director of comedy; I would like to retract my statement about the man behind the camera; Shawn Levy. With some great comedies to his name today he proves that he can also make you cry and he also knows how to put up a fight. Micheal Bay and Ridley Scott have been my favorites as of a decade and today Shawn Levy makes the cut.

Title: Real Steel

Directed by: Shawn Levy

Starring: Hugh Jackman, Dakota Goyo & Evangeline Lilly

Rated: PG13

Rating: 08/10