The plot for Otis involves a man who kidnaps young girls and forces them to act out his high school fantasy of taking them to the prom and getting lucky afterwards. He doesn’t seem to have much luck and has gone through and had to kill five girls, but his latest seems promising. Until she escapes and her family decides to cut the authorities out of the loop when it comes to justice and how they would like it served.

The movie is a comedy, a satire if you will, of the torture horror genre, along with the all too common psychopaths and their actions in reality. The important thing for this horror movie then isn’t being scary, but rather: is it funny? Indeed it is, many chuckles to be had throughout.

The cast features some notable names such as Daniel Stern, Illeana Douglas, and Kevin Pollack. However, it is the title character that really steals the show: Otis as played by Bostin Christopher. Yes, he is sick and demented, yet at the same time there are sequences where you actually feel almost sorry for him, one specifically involves dancing under a disco ball while his captive tries to remain terrified and not grin. This acting leads a hint of reality based identifiably to the story and characters and is then counterbalanced with completely absurd characters such as the FBI agent with an 8% recovery rate. The absurd is mixed just right though and brings the joke full circle.

The only issue I had was with the “joke” itself. The movie plays like one joke with many facets, but ultimately the same joke: laugh at this disturbing situation. This causes some drag and instead of fast paced action I started finding my mind wandering. It never got too boring though and each set piece was enjoyable, even if some were too long. Other than that I’ve got a television that for some reason amplifies music in movies and there was a lot of music laced throughout that seemed overkill at times, yet a perfect fit others. So, what does this mean? It means nothing is perfect, but Otis was a pretty good flick!