Do you like watching movies and talk about them? Now imagine doing this for fun and getting compensated for it. No wonder this is something all movie buffs want to accomplish without going through film schools or having acting or directing background.However, most people who are just breaking into this business don’t know where to go to get started. Here is your chance to learn the ropes to become a professional movie critic.  By becoming a movie critic intern, you will not only be able to hone your movie review skill but also have your work published on our website. You see, provides a platform for everybody (amateur and seasoned critics) to write movie reviews in their own names. We work hard to get our website noticed by the people in the film industry, magazines & press, and therefore you can “rub off” on that for your own benefit.Here are just a few benefits by becoming a Reviewer intern:

  • Your own personalized Reviewer’s webpage that you can “show off” your critics and personal profile (good for resume and getting publication leads!).
  • Have your critiques published on our website.
  • Have an immediate readership for your critiques (we will send your movie reviews to our mailing list).
  • Hone your movie review skill by getting feedbacks and opinions from other readers.
  • Be the first-pick candidate for movie-related gigs when they come our way.
  • Other unadvertised bonuses (hehe, let’s keep this hush.. hush)
  • Build a name for yourself and be the next Roger Ebert! (Hey, if you can’t think it, you can’t achieve it :) )

If you are interested in becoming a movie reviewer intern, please make your inquiry using the form below and we will send you all the details of our “internship” program and information on how to get started today!

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