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Best of 2017

Apes, Ghosts, Androids, Sea Monsters, Giant Mutant Pigs, Winston Churchill, Hypnotism, a modern western and the bitter cold feature in the best movies of 2017

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Defenders( Netflix) review

Defenders review by Harry Defenders was the one of the most anticipated Netflix shows. but does it deliver? First of all if you havent seen any of the other shows you should be fine as the first episode really feels like a 0...

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Cast : Prithviraj Sukumaran, Priya Anand, Tovino Thomas, VijayaRaghavan Story-Screenplay-Direction : Jay K Genre : Horror-Thriller Released : 10-Feb-2017 It was an era when Jewish settlements exist in Kerala. A story based on...

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Moulin Rouge (1952)

I think anyone whose feelings are so sensitive that they feel tenderly for people getting treated badly because they have a disability, or anybody who has a disability themselves will love this movie. The main character in this...

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