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Alien: Covenant

Alien: Covenant follows the formula of its predecessor, just when everything is quiet and moving along at a comfortable pace, all “hell breaks loose”. And when things go wrong, they go terribly wrong. There is another breed of alien, not fully develop but just as ferocious. It seems to set the mood and the anticipation of what’s to come. But, unfortunately what’s to come is a mix bag of intellectual hyperbole, kung fu fighting androids, and blood and guts. If you are of fan of Prometheus, then this is for you. But, regrettably, I am not.

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Funkadelic Ride of Alien Proportions

Loaded with an awesome mix tape vol. 2 of seventies hit songs, Guardians of the Galaxy takes you on an intergalactic roller coaster ride. From Parliament to Earth, Wind, and Fire, to the Looking Glass to Cheap Trick, you are truly entrenched in the movie like that of a “quiet storm” radio night as you go into a hypnotic state of reminisce while listening to your favorite songs.

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Sleight Review 2017

After seeing the previews and walking into the theater, I did question whether I was “hoodwinked” into watching a live action version of the early 2000’s cartoon, Static Shock about a teenage boy who was exposed to mutagen gas during a gang fight that gave him electromagnetic powers. But the film is far from that. It is gritty and heart felt attempt of making a movie with a super heroic theme; ordinary

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Ghost in the Shell 2017 Review

The film is a visual masterpiece. It captures the essence of a futuristic cyber robotic world filled with holograms, tall skyscraper buildings, and bright colors with floating street lights. It is a cross between Aeon Flux and Blade Runner. Now, if you do not know or have not seen one or both previously mentioned films, please save your time and sit this one out. The “Matrix-like” action scenes are full of martial arts moves, furious gun battles and explosions. But that’s it. Is that enough? Maybe?

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Slither (2006)

Slither (2006) Everybody’s got to start somewhere, and before James Gunn gained fame writing and directing Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, he kicked off his directing career with Slither. The sci-fi/horror movie, also written...

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