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I, Tonya – Sometimes the Truth is Stranger Than Fiction

Are you supposed to laugh or cry? And if you do laugh, should you feel guilty, because you are whispering to yourself that you are glad this is not your life? Can you empathize with Tonya Harding because of the life she led? Or is it so convoluted that you realize somewhere between this fact or fiction, lies the truth? One thing is certain, this a film that you must watch.

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The Square (2017)

‘The Square’s pieces don’t break new ground, but the way Ostlund puts it all together makes for a keenly observed and slyly funny critique on the business of modern art in the social media world.

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The Lego Batman Movie

‘Lego’ doesn’t take the dark knight seriously, poking cleverly at 70 years of franchise tropes, and in the process ends up making a genuinely great Batman movie.

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