Month: September 2017

The Founder

Flat and workmanlike, Founder tells it’s antagonist biography story more like an expose than a movie.

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Defenders( Netflix) review

Defenders review by Harry Defenders was the one of the most anticipated Netflix shows. but does it deliver? First of all if you havent seen any of the other shows you should be fine as the first episode really feels like a 0 issue for a comic book event, and sets up all the characters and leads them to a intertwining path where they inevitably meet. This is spoiler free so the only details I will reveal are ones from the trailers and those revealed at comic con. Episode 2 is a nice filler episode with 2 real highlights. a great opening scene ( which i wont spoil) and the fight everyone was excited to see in the trailer, luke cage vs danny rand ( again no spoilers of what happens) . episode 3 is really when it starts to get kicked into high gear, where everyone finally meets up and teams up in the hallway fight that ended all the teasers. from there on it is a great show with awesome moments and reveals of each character and a plot twist at the end of episode 6 i wont spoil. But it does fall weak at the every end of the final episode as it fails to wrap up in a satisfying manner. Every actor does a great job portraying there characters. Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock proves...

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