Month: August 2017

Wish Upon

A slapped together, unintentionally funny mess that has no idea where to go or what it’s doing.

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Joon-Ho Bong’s wackiest film yet is also a rare, scruffy, genre blend that eschews Hollywood templates.

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Nolan deploys his usual bag of tricks onto the WWII movie with results both clever, thrilling, cold and detached.

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La La Land

Director: Damien Chazelle Cast: Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling, Rosemarie De Witt, John Legend, J.k Simmons Genre: Musical, Comedy, drama, Romance Released date: 7th December 2016   Los Angles, the city of angels, tinsel town, the home of Hollywood, this La La Land where so many people flock to to make their dreams come true. No other city is as synonymous with the silver screen as L.A., director/writer Damien Chazelle blends the old and the new Hollywood together. Following the tempo of the Whiplash director Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone once again come together to show us life and Love in L.A. Chazelle takes a left turn from the tension filled Whiplash (though it still does involve a nice drive by through the Jazz district) delving into a magical homage into the golden age of Hollywood romance. Mia (EMMA STONE) and Sebastian (RYAN GOSLING) are just one of them many chasing their dreams in Los Angeles: Mia as an actress, sebastian as a jazz musician. Their journey together (getting off the ground after a rough couple yet comical interactions) as a couple and in their careers, changes like the seasons leaving each of them forever changed. It is a bringing together the modern realities of life with the nostalgia of an old cinematic romance. Ripped straight out of the old Hollywood playbook, the musical numbers spread throughout the film are...

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