Month: June 2017

Baby Driver

Director: Edgar Wright Cast: Ansel Elgort, Jon Hamm, Jamie Foxx, Lily James, and Kevin Spacey Genre: Action, Crime, Music Release Date: Wednesday June 28th, 2017 From the opening credits until the closing credits Baby Driver grabs your attention and does not stop. Edgar Wright, who is known for directing such movies as: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Hot Fuzz, and Shaun of the Dead directs the film and it delivers in every way imaginable. Baby (Ansel Elgort) plays a getaway driver who works for Doc (Kevin Spacey). Baby wears headphones and listens to music from his iPod because when he was younger he got into a car accident and has a permanent ringing in his ear. The music helps him drown out the ringing and plays an important role in the movie as the music drives the film. Through flashbacks we see that Baby’s mother was in an abusive relationship with the father. The reason Baby gets into the car crash as a child was a result of the parents arguing and not paying attention to the road. Baby wants to do one more job for Doc and be done with driving. Doc calls Baby, so he agrees to drive. Baby meets the crew that is put together and plans are discussed for the heist the next morning. Fast forward to morning and they get the money and escape,...

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Gifted review: A sweet spoonful of sentiment

    Directed by Marc Webb of 500 Days of Summer and Amazing Spiderman fame, and starring Chris Evans and young newcomer McKenna Grace, Gifted is a movie about an uncle trying to raise his math prodigy niece and give her a normal life when his strict mother comes looking for custody. This movie is basically the type of small budget mid range movie that the big Hollywood blockbusters have almost made extinct. A movie that poses the question, could the next Einstein be afforded a normal life. Safe to say this movie was pretty much everything I was expecting it to be, but also better than I thought it would be. The direction from Webb is pretty standard, nothing riveting but he manages to tell a good,heartfelt story. Far from the mega budget, CGI heavy blockbusters he got caught up in over at Sony, perhaps Webb is more suited to this smaller scale of storytelling more akin to his debut film 500 Days of Summer. The film is emotionally manipulative at times and almost tumbles into cloying territory, but is held up by likable characters and some top notch performances. Two of which come from Chris Evans and McKenna Grace. Evans has owned the role of Captain America and you can see shades of that in here as Evans has completely as an actor from one of the...

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The Mummy Review

So, as you enter the theater, sliding into the comfortable new leather recliner movie seats (if you have not experienced this, it is certainly a must), eating your large popcorn with extra butter and nice cold drink to watch The Mummy, keep this in mind: action and special effects first, plot and substance last. But it still makes for one hell of a ride; for the summer that is.

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The Mummy review: A Monster Miss

It baffles me how Universal was so confident in this movie, the first in their planned “Dark Universe” of the old Universal monsters, that they slap the Dark Universe logo onto the start of the movie. They plugged the expanded universe before showing a single scene, character or actual monster, this sets the precedent for what was to come. A reboot for the 90’s Brendan Fraiser led Mummy series (not too sure if many people were asking for one), Tom Cruise plays an army soldier Indiana Jones type who gets on the wrong side of a Mummy played by Sofia Boutella unearthed in the Middle East. If that sounds like a fairly loose plot that’s because this movie struggles to have any inkling of a coherent story. This film has a screenplay that was written by no less than five different people and that shows throughout the film because the screenplay is awful. It feels like each writer threw something into the mix and didn’t bother to make sure it fit with anything else going on. It is next to impossible to connect with any of the flimsily written characters that cant go anywhere beyond some of the most boring cliches. Tom Cruise tries at times but even his movie star charm is lost in this terribly executed mess. Annabel Wallis plays one of the worst written female characters...

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