Month: April 2017

Kubo and the Two Strings review

Kubo and the Two Strings tells the story of a young boy with one eye who is accompanied by a monkey (specifically a Japanese macaque) and a stag beatle/human hybrid on a quest to find 3 magical items and defeat a powerful foe. The film stars Art Parkinson as our eponymous hero, Charlize Theron as Monkey, Matthew McConaughey as Beattle, Ralph Fiennes as the Moon King and Rooney Mara as Karasu and Washi. Set in medieval Japan, the film is a fantasy action epic, a rarity in animation and a first for Laika Entertainment (know for their kid friendly horror movies Coraline and ParaNorman and their family friendly comedy The Boxtrolls). The movie starts out with Kubo being the talk of the town as he uses his shamisen to bring origami to life and entertain the townsfolk. After losing his mother to Karasu and Washi, daughters of the Moon King, Kubo is found by Monkey who takes him on a quest to find 3 magical items and use them to defeat the Moon King. Along the way, they encounter Beatle, a skilled archer with no recollection of his past and face off against many obstacles that come their way. At the same time, they also try to get along with each other, as at first Monkey doesn’t care much for Beatle and who’s main concern is protecting Kubo. It’s...

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Life (2017)

  Life (2017) The newest installment in the Trapped-In-Space genre stars Jake Gyllenhaal (Nightcrawler), Rebecca Ferguson (Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation), and Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool) and is directed by Daniel Espinosa (Safe House) The Plot After a crew of scientists recover samples of life from mars, they study a creature (later named ‘Calvin’) as it grows. Little do they know how quickly it will grow and how big it will get, until they find themselves fighting to stay alive when it gets loose. Let’s talk positive for a sec I really liked what they did with the alien as far...

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The Fate of the Furious Review

The Fate of The Furious keeps up with the franchise brethren with the abundance of car chases, gun fights, hand to hand combat, and a ton of explosions. But, I must admit, although it is very unrealistic by ordinary standards, in the world of The Fast and The Furious franchise, it was certainly entertaining and stands up as one of the best in the series.

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Ghost in the Shell 2017 Review

The film is a visual masterpiece. It captures the essence of a futuristic cyber robotic world filled with holograms, tall skyscraper buildings, and bright colors with floating street lights. It is a cross between Aeon Flux and Blade Runner. Now, if you do not know or have not seen one or both previously mentioned films, please save your time and sit this one out. The “Matrix-like” action scenes are full of martial arts moves, furious gun battles and explosions. But that’s it. Is that enough? Maybe?

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