Month: May 2016

The Angry Birds Movie (2016)

 Video games today have now moved from home consoles, to phones. And one of the most popular games that people play on their phones is a little game called Angry Birds where one pulls cartoonish birds to attack pigs. So, someone at Hollywood decided to make a movie based on this popular game. And, it’s just as stupid as it sounds. While there are some good things about this, the film definitely caters to a much younger audience, but for adults, the experience will be intolerable. “The Angry Birds Movie” is basically what it promises: a cartoon that is based off of a popular video game that no one is going to take seriously. The story has an island of birds all living happy and peaceful lives. Except for one named Red (Jason Sudeikis), who basically doesn’t care about his surroundings. He also has anger issues, and is sentenced to attend anger management classes with Chuck (Josh Gad), Bomb (Danny McBride), and Terence (Sean Penn). Red doesn’t care about this, until a group of pigs come from a far away island. Led by Leonard (Bill Hader), the pigs might have a more sinister plot than the birds assume. Only Red and his cynicism must stop the pigs and their evil ways before it’s too late. “The Angry Birds Movie” is somewhat bad, but most of the time, it is...

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The Choice (2016)

The girl next door and the bad boy on the spot, fall in love and are swept on a dreamy journey of their own through the moon and the stars and the soppy details of a birthing romance that will only be the greatest story ever to unfold just for the two of them. The thing about love is that its only as great as the two of you. Its almost as I have seen this movie before! How different can this one be? Especially considering the fact that this is the 11th Nicolas Spark novel to be made into a movie. His system works for some reason. It brings in the attention of the production houses and his ideas manage to pull in decent dollars. So why mess with a system that works? Lets just go ahead and make the pictures. Travis (Benjamin Walker); the Casanova, the ladies man, the village veterinarian lives the life we all dream of in terms of a summer holiday. A home by the water, beautiful garden overlooking a crystal blue lake, a BBQ grill, the solitary tree besides which his lawn chair sits, that makes the sunsets just magical to soak in with a beer in hand with his trusty canine to the side. Picturesque! Typical Nicolas Sparks “Bad Boy” Protagonist…. Check! Across the fence a dream catcher chimes in the wind....

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The Jungle Book (2016)

 In 1967, the Walt Disney Company released an adaptation of Rudyard Kipling’s “The Jungle Book”, and while not exactly staying true to the source material, it’s still considered its own product. The movie is also remembered as the last film Walt Disney supervised before he passed. Now jump ahead to the 21st Century where modern digital technology has improved quite a bit, and now the Disney Company has decided to remake this beloved animated film in live action. And the result is that it’s good. There are definitely some problems for sure, but the movie is entertaining. This new 2016 remake of “The Jungle Book” may be an improvement over the original, and is a swinging fun romp. As for the 1994 remake, it will get its due. The story has a young boy named Mowgli living in the jungles of India with all the animals present there. Everything seems to be going just fine until the villainous Shere Khan shows up. Now with his life in jeopardy, Mowgli must use his wits in order to survive the harsh jungle landscape. What makes this new version of “The Jungle Book” so different than its animated counterpart, might surprise a lot of people. For one thing, the story is actually an improvement over the original; there’s more darker and intense moment present, and there are some reasons as to why...

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Ratchet & Clank (2016)

 Movies that are made about video games usually tend to under-perform for the studios; both critically and financially, these movies do not live to meet expectations. Usually, these video game adaptations are done in live action, but what if there is the possibility that a video game movie is done in animation. Enter the film “Ratchet & Clank”, an adaptation of the video game series of the same name. And the final result is… eh. Having not played the games, one might go in blind without doing any previous research on the subject, and you will see that this is just a generic science fiction movie like most films of that genre. There are some good things about this film, but the bad more than outweighs the good. “Ratchet & Clank” is an interesting adaptation, but it seems to get lost in its own universe. The plot of the movie is a retelling of the first video game; but it introduces some new viewers to this strange and bizarre world. Ratchet is a lombax- a sort of bobcat-like creature- who wants to join the Galactic Rangers, who are like interstellar police. Ratchet is determined to join, despite the leader, Captain Qwark, being a narcissistic jerk. One night, Ratchet then witnesses something falling from the sky, and goes to investigate. A small little robot, whom Ratchet names Clank comes out...

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