Month: February 2016

Dumbo (1941)

 Walt Disney thrived on bringing memorable stories that would, in turn, become easily recognizable among the general public. By turning interesting ideas and concepts into a profit, Walt and his team of animators delivered some of the greatest animated movies ever made. And 1941’s “Dumbo” is a prime example of not only delivering , solid animation, but great storytelling in the process. When watching the movie, one gets a sense of wonder at what creativity went into making this film a reality. Even after 75 years, this movie still holds up very well. Anything can happen, and that’s the charm of this movie: it is not bound by studio executives, but rather creative control to let go and do whatever they want. “Dumbo” is a fantastic treat for anyone that can enjoy the modesty of why Walt Disney and his team made such a creative feature. The story has a mother elephant receiving newborn son unto the world, as she and several other animals are working for the circus. Unfortunately, her son has a major problem: his ears are huge! Yet, motherly instincts prevail and she and her son, named Dumbo, continue putting on a show for the circus. However, an incident involving Dumbo lands his mother in solitary confinement, and now he resorts to a mouse named Timothy for a friend. And sooner or later, Dumbo will find...

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Deadpool (2016)

 Superheroes take themselves very seriously, with dark tales of heroics being given to the audience to make them think about their actions. And then we have Deadpool, who basically gives the middle finger to every superhero out there. The character of Deadpool has certainly become a huge fan favorite over in recent years, and it’s clear to see why. From his hilarious dialogue, his over the top execution of violence, and fourth wall breaking jokes, Deadpool is comedic genius in comic Now, with a movie out in theaters, we are given a hilarious send up of all the superhero clichés that we have seen before. As such, I will be judging this movie as a comedy, and not a big serious comic book movie that everyone has come to terms with these past couple of years. “Deadpool” is a funny parody of all things superhero, and creates an energizing blast for everyone to thoroughly enjoy. The story involves Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds), a mercenary who is enjoying his life right now. Unfortunately,Wade has contracted cancer, and does not take to it too kindly. He then sees a brilliant opportunity to have his cancer cured, but gets back stabbed in the process. Wade then has his body mutated, and now wants to seek revenge on the person responsible for this. Taking up a name from a “to die” list, Wade...

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A League of Their Own (1992)

 Not many people know this, but there was a time that women played baseball. During WWII, it was heavily debated that the sport of baseball was almost shut down due to the male players being drafted into the war. Luckily, it was decided that in the men’s place, women should see that they play the sport. And this is documented in the 1992 sports drama “A League of Their Own” directed by Penny Marshall. While the movie does have its fair share of problems, it is still an interesting and entertaining film to watch. As well as providing a nice insight into a subject that not a lot of people know about. “A League of Their Own” offers up some nice commentary on baseball from the perspective of a different gender. The story involves two sisters, Dottie (Geena Davis) and Kit (Lori Petty), playing baseball during WWII. One day, a baseball agent (Jon Lovitz) decides to recruit the two into joining an entire league specifically for women. They accept, and are then playing for the Rockford Peaches. With the guidance from their manager, former baseball star Jimmy Dugan (Tom Hanks), the Rockford Peaches, and the girls for that matter, make a name for themselves by proving that women can play baseball. “A League of Their Own” is a good movie; sure it has its problems, but we’ll get to...

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