Month: October 2014

The Book of Life (2014)

  Halloween is a typical holiday where things tend to be a bit on the scary side. Then there’s the Day of the Dead, a Mexican holiday similar to Halloween, but with a more remembrance and focus on those who are gone from the world. And Hollywood is known for releasing films that are focused on Halloween; not so much on the Day of the Dead. Enter “The Book of Life”, a great animated film that is perfect for the season. We need more films like this, and hopefully, in the wake (no pun intended) of this movie’s release, we will see more soon. “The Book of Life” is an extraordinary animated film that will hopefully gain younger audiences to learn more about the holiday known as the Day of the Dead.  The plot involves a love triangle between three people. We have Manolo (Diego Luna), a bullfighter who wants to be a musician, and Joaquin (Channing Tatum), an egotistical soldier. Together, they are in love with Maria (Zoe Saldana), and try to win her heart. This is all part of a wager between two spirits, to see who will marry Maria first. Even if that means Manolo will travel to The Land of the Remembered to win Maria’s heart. “The Book of Life” is a fantastic animated film that needs to be seen. The story is simple, yet...

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EDGE OF TOMORROW is complete mindfuckery. The kind of mindfuckery that is expected in a Doug Liman movie and the style of fuckery that an audience would accept with arms wide open. Yes – let’s admit this, we love a twisted plot or even so any pattern of twist in a movie. Doug Liman is known for his confounding approaches and he in fact has done so and survived without having his name tarnished. EDGE OF TOMORROW is neither as complex nor impenetrable in terms of understanding like INCEPTION. It’s a plot that is fathomable. It is a 24...

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Transformer : Age of Extinction (2014)

A month long Hiatus and here I am back at doing what I love. A promising start in the motion picture with Wahlberg (Yeager) and Miller (Lucas) and their humor works for Michael Bay’s fourth outing with the TRANSFORMERS franchise. Being a fan boy of the franchise never have there been flies in the ointment with my metal robot experiences. There is nothing not to like in the reinvented hi-tech robots. New cast, New city, Dino Robots, New Villain and the largest collection of robots than all the other movies put together. Everything gets a new look and brand...

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