Month: December 2012

New Year’s Eve (2011)

I feel like I could just repeat my thoughts on 2009’s Valentine’s Day and just add a little note at the end of the review saying that New Year’s Eve isn’t quite as good as its predecessor. That wouldn’t be entirely fair; they’re not exactly the same film, after all, although it’s incredibly difficult to not notice the many similarities common between them. The most obvious of which is that there are too many characters and stories to mention without confusing anyone who hasn’t yet seen it. As only the most clever among you might guess, the film takes place on New Year’s Eve, 2011, in the city known for the famous ball drop, New York City. All of the characters live here, and almost all of them have major plans for the holiday. Some want to win a contest by having the first birth of the year; another just wants to live to see the next year; some are catering the big party; some are the ones attending the party being catered; there’s a singer wanting to rekindle a relationship he walked out of, and another singer wishing to get her chance to tour with the first one. That’s not even beginning to describe how many different things are going on in this film. That might be about half of them, although I suspect you could list almost...

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ARGO (2012)

Who would have thought that the minds behind THE GOOD WILL HUNTING will someday roll with the big fish in Hollywood, honestly, who would have? Matt Damon and Ben Affleck have since stood firm ground only to move if it’s for a step to advance. Affleck clearly got ahead of Damon after he took to the seat behind the camera for the second time with his production THE TOWN. This isn’t about a nitty gritty story of who is ahead of whom? Instead this is all about Ben Affleck taking the director’s chair once again to bring us a movie with thrilling proportions with plenty if verve.   ARGO unfolds to us a story that is based and inspired by true events that took place in the late 1970s. The story of Tony Mendez. The story of how Tony Mendez against all odds, pushed forward to rescue 6 Americans trapped in Tehran. A story that took place long ago during the Iranian – US relationship which was also a trying time in Tehran. It was amidst this time that a revolution raised much like what we have witnessed in certain nations in the recent past. Trapped in the middle of this revolution are 6 Americans that are working for the US embassy, who escaped the grounds of the embassy when it was stormed by the revolutionaries. Their only hope...

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LOOPER (2012)

How do I react to LOOPER? Did I like it? Was it Original? Was it worth the time? Hopefully by then end of this I may be able to provide valid explanations to justify my answers. LOOPER:  is definitely one of the better movies of Bruce Willis in the year 2012. It also indisputably is the year of Joseph Gordon – Levitt. With 3 great movies this year and with good performances in every single one of them, Levitt’s consistency can be considered “one to look forward to”. To answer the first question, I began to grow to like the movie with time. Director Rian Johnson treads smartly with his tactical approach in cinematography. The grainy filming of the future draws an ambience to the entire movie that the future is dark, corrupted and a broken place where life as we know it, simply is more sephia-hue than colorful. One too many movies have been shot and digitally mastered as such that it did not feel original. However the concepts behind the screen play is quite original (please note I mentioned quite original and “not” original) that they dismiss each other off. Now did I like it? Yes I did. The slightest indication of innovation needs recognition since it’s the efforts of such that someday may bring forth another Spielberg or Scorsese. LOOPER isn’t a Bruce Willis movie that...

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Co-financed by Steven Soderbergh and Channing Tatum, MAGIC MIKE is a comedy/drama/biography scripted by Reid Carolin.  As the mass media speculates the concept within the creation of MAGIC MIKE is based on the early life of Channing Tatum himself who was a male stripper in his late teens. Whilst this project is proposed and initiated by Tatum himself, the motion picture on its whole is fictional however certain parallels at certain intervals could be drawn with the STEP UP stars past life.   Rated R this picture most certainly isn’t for a general audience. Whilst it is a thoroughly enjoyable movie to the mature audience the themes discussed maybe frowned upon in certain cultures. As an enthusiast of the motion picture the reason behind my choice to write a positive review on this title is based on a deeper interpretation of the theme that spoke to me.(The misconception and scrutiny of individuals that is based on profession.)  However that isn’t the area of focus instead this critic will bring to light Soderbergh’s success in this biography.   Mike (Tatum) is an entrepreneur as he claims himself to be and is a jack of many trades and king of none. Mike also on the other hand has been a male stripper for a span of over 6 years trying to save money on the side whilst having a good time...

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136 minutes seem a long run time for a musical and ROCK OF AGES could have been better provided it did limit to 90 minutes. However this is one critic’s opinion and lovers of musicals may counter argue that the genre has habits of long run times owing to the rock and roll.   Directed by Adam Shankman most popularly known for the magical movie A WALK TO REMEMBER over a decade ago once again may have conjured up a direction that may keep his name afloat amongst movie lovers for a few years. ROCK OF AGES is to this critic personally more appealing than Adam Shankmans’ previous attempt at the genre; HAIR SPRAY.   Based on the Broadway musical named under the same title, ROCK OF AGES finally was released one year later than it was formerly intended for. Paying tribute to rock bands that played on the Sunset Strip Back in the 1980s this movie carries nostalgic value to those who did experienced the Strip in all her glory. Whilst everything that this critic knows about the strip is by reading the World Wide Web, he recalls watching his old man grow older listening to these bands of the 80s that rocked the Sunset strip hence the ability find a certain inkling that chalks the movie as favorable.   Enough of the trivia, but why would we...

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