Month: September 2012

Lord of War (2005)

Andrew Niccol’s Lord of War is an unsettling look that a lot of people don’t know much about: illegal arms trafficking. How many movies take you through the title credits while making your viewpoint that of a bullet. You go through the entire life cycle of the bullet, conception all the way until it’s fired and eventually hits a target, and once you realize that the target is a child, the film has grabbed you. You’re captivated and you’re willing to sit through it for the rest of its running time, simply to see to what extent it will to in order to prove its point. The lead goes to Nicolas Cage, reminding us why he’s an Oscar winner, playing a man named Yuri Orlov. He’ll also provide our narration, in case you were wondering what he’s always thinking. The story begins early on, detailing how Yuri, an immigrant from the former Soviet Union, ended up selling guns and other weaponry to “every army but the Salvation Army.” We eventually build up to where you expect it to go: His job gets into the way of his life; some people get hurt, even those who are innocent; he’s chased down by an Interpol agent (Ethan Hawke); and a whole bunch of other crazy things happen. Let’s not spoil the surprise. Yes, the film condemns this type of illegal profession,...

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Contagion (2011)

You feel dirty after watching a film like Contagion. You become aware of everyone’s coughing and sneezing, have an urge to wash your hands after touching anything, and hope that everyone else does the same — but you know they won’t, and you hate them for that. Here is a film about a disease outbreak that spreads so quickly and easily that it seems impossible for you to avoid catching it. The first character we see it target is Gwyneth Paltrow’s. She returns home from a Hong Kong business trip, and within a few hours, she’s had a seizure and has been admitted to the local hospital. She dies. Her son, and her husband (Matt Damon), return home. The son doesn’t make it much longer, as he soon dies as well. Damon’s character is locked away for tests, although he feels fine. He’s visited by his biological daughter (Anna Jacoby-Heron), who tells him that she’s all he has now. Soon, one family member might be more than many people have. At the center of tracking this outbreak is Laurence Fishburne’s character. He, along with Kate Winslet (and a bunch of other people) have to figure out what they’re dealing with, how it spreads, and how to cure it. Meanwhile, a blogger played by Jude Law is trying to convince people that the cure is as simple as a homeopathic...

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Killing Them Softly

‘Killing Them Softly’ is an intense crime drama where character Jackie Cogan (Brad Pitt)is a mob enforcer who investigates a heist undertaken by amateur criminals from a mob protected poker game. The film is set during the time of the presidential election, where the struggle of the economic crisis of 2009 is highlighted to express how it affects the criminals in American society. The introduction of the film creates a unique combination of sound and editing where what we hear first is followed by what we see, it created an impact where I felt myself immediately becoming absorbed and excited as to what I would expect to see in this film. I felt though that the film never progressed to my expectations of what I had anticipated, I felt myself always expecting something that never was being projected and left me feeling lost and confused. If you’re looking for a fast paced, criminal action film filled with flying bullets and enthralling fight sequences then this is not the right film for you, ‘Killing Them Softly’ is more of a complex and thought processing film filled with a lengthy script of dialogue. A lot of scenes I felt dragged on for far too long, I didn’t like the prolonged  conversations which appeared to make no sense eventually leading  me to question the narrative of the film, the conversation that Jackie...

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Surrogates (2009)

Surrogates is what happens when you give a smart idea to people who aren’t quite sure what to do with it. The idea in this case involves a future where everyone lives their lives through avatars — perfect versions of themselves immune from disease and injury — remotely controlled while the user lies down in a chair with some tanning glasses placed on their eyes. There is so much that can be done with this idea, but what we get is a generic action movie that more or less completely ignores it. It’s such a waste that I was infuriated while watching the movie. Surrogates stars Bruce Willis as an FBI agent with the last name of Greer. He and his partner, Agent Peters (Radha Mitchell), begin the film investigating the death of two people who were connected to their surrogates at the time of death. Somehow, the surrogates did not protect them from being murdered, as the murderer used a weapon that shut down the surrogate and murdered the user. This is an impossibility, the people who made the surrogates claim, although we know that’s a fabrication. Eventually, Greer’s surrogate is neutralized and he has to go in without the protection of his avatar. Chase scenes and shootouts follow, as does one major plot twist that you’ll see coming from a mile away. The interesting elements, like the...

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Rhyming Review For ‘Three Stooges’

‘The Three Stooges’ movie has all the slapstick antics the threesome is known for They do head slaps, pratfalls, eye pokes and the other silly things true fans adore Playing the Stooges is Will Sasso as Curly and Larry is portrayed by Sean Hayes The third Stooge is Moe and that’s the part that Chris Diamantopoulos plays The story has the threesome growing up in an orphanage that a group of nuns run The kids are troublemakers and raising them from little boys, for the nuns, is not fun They spend their lives at the orphanage and stay there until they’re adults, fully grown The orphanage needs money to stay open so they go out into the world on their own Clueless, very dumb and naïve, they think they can work somehow to raise the dough They have no luck getting real jobs but somehow Moe winds up on a TV reality show Jane Lynch, Jennifer Hudson, Sofia Vergara and Larry David are the supporting cast The Farrelly Brothers wrote and directed but it’s unlike many films from their past I think it is fine for kids of most any age since it is rated PG and the jokes are not vile There’s lots of physical humor and the script is silly, has dumb puns and is...

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