Month: April 2012

The Silence of the Lambs (1991)

There is a serial killer on the loose. No, not the fabled Hannibal Lecter (Anthony Hopkins), but a man who goes by the name “Buffalo Bill” (Ted Levine). His tactics involve luring in a plump young woman, capturing her and throwing her into a pit, having her starve to death, cut off some of her skin, and then dump her in a nearby river. Obviously, the FBI wants to stop him, so they send their best and brightest trainee to track him down. Her name — yes, their best and brightest is a female, which gets some looks from the local cops — is Clarice Starling (Jodie Foster). She is told by a man named Jack Crawford (Scott Glenn) that she should interview Dr. Lecter, a former psychiatrist who just happened to like eating his patients, and attempt to coerce him to help with the investigation. She’s a straight shooter, and after their first meeting (which is a chilling scene), it seems that her no-BS approach left an impression on the cannibal. He doesn’t exactly help, however. He’s a man who speaks in riddles, never giving you exactly what you want but always giving you something that might help if you’re smart enough to figure it out — and if you’re able to get it out of him in the first place. He has to think you’re worthy of...

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Cabin in the Woods-Review

            So, this is part of my review where I tell you what the film is about and then my thoughts. Well, just like this film’s trailers that are leaving out most of the information of what it is about, I have to do the same. And maybe my review will not convince you to see it or not but I would rather leave the shock of viewing how different this film is from what you expect, to you. I say this because one small bit of information will ruin it for you. This is a unique type of film where you have to see it to understand what I mean. All I can give is that five college students are vacationing at a secluded cabin in the woods. Starting off to a great night with partying and drinking, unexpected “guests” arrive and the running, slashing and screaming begins.     Review:             Awesome and unexpected are the words to sum up this film. I was just talking to a friend about a summer movie coming out this year and how I don’t expect it to be mind-blowing because most hero action films are so predictable. I told my friend that just because a film is suppose and expected to be a certain way doesn’t mean it has to. Cabin in the Woods is a perfect example. I wasn’t...

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Mr. Nobody (2009)

Here is an arty film only for those of you who are willing to give it your full attention. It you decide to look away, multitask while watching, sleep (honestly, if you’re that tired don’t even try to watch this film), or anything else that will distract you from what’s happening on-screen, wait to watch it. If you disregard this warning, you’ll probably have a frustrating viewing experience. Actually, that might be the case anyway. Mr. Nobody is a film that explores the idea that whenever you are faced with a choice, all of the potential outcomes from whichever decision you make creates a separate world. Do I want a lemon candy, or a lime one? Either way, the choice I don’t make still creates a different world where a separate me lives in that world eating that particularly flavor of candy. When faced with another choice, the worlds spilt apart again. People make thousands of choices every day. You can see how this would get confusing to film, so luckily, we don’t get thousands of different storylines — it just often feels that way. At the crux of the story is a 118-year-old man named Nemo Nobody (portrayed as an adult and as an old man by Jared Leto). He is the last mortal on the face of the planet, as everyone else has managed to become immortal...

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Ranked: The Most Anticipated Movies of All Time

“2012 seems to be a big year for movies. Should the world end this year, Hollywood appears to be ready to go out with a bang. For decades, audiences have been anticipating the release of movies, and I believe there is truth in the fact that the anticipation is part of the fun. Therefore, it’s easy to make a list of movies you are most excited to see; these movies have not come out yet and the media’s inundation is still fresh in your brain. This list is not like that. This is a look at the most anticipated movies of all time. These movies, for whatever reason, were movies that people wanted to see far in advance, and not just because the TV or the radio told them so…”

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Movie Review of ‘The Avengers’ (2012)

At long last, Marvel have pulled it off. Four years after Iron Manand The Incredible Hulk entered cinemas to signal the beginning of an effort to establish a connected cinematic universe of Marvel superheroes, The Avengers – the ultimate endpoint that Marvel was working towards all along – is finally upon us. It arrived with the burden of a number of excellent movies signposting its eventual arrival on top of the decades of comic book history, yet the film was in safe hands with self-professed geek Joss Whedon serving as writer-director. Bringing his unparalleled talent for witty dialogue and character dynamics to the project, Whedon has defied the odds and delivered the ultimate summer spectacle. With more smarts than the Transformersfranchise and some of the most breathtaking action sequences in years, fanboys can rest assured that The Avengers is worth both the wait and the hype. When Thor’s wicked brother Loki (Hiddleston) arrives on Earth, he steals a powerful cosmic cube known as the Tesseract with plans to summon an alien army to conquer humankind. Faced with an unprecedented threat, S.H.I.E.L.D. director Nick Fury (Jackson) works to bring together the only ones capable of saving the planet from total annihilation: genius billionaire Tony Stark/Iron Man (Downey Jr.), WWII super-soldier Steve Rogers/Captain America (Evans), brilliant scientist Bruce Banner/The Hulk (Ruffalo), demigod Thor (Hemsworth), and master assassins Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow (Johansson) and Clint Barton/Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner). Initially told that...

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