Month: December 2011

The World’s Fastest Indian (2005)

Oscar winner Antony Hopkins is desperate to set a new track record, despite of his problems. It’s my review of The World’s Fastest Indian. “Two pills of Nitroglycerine, one for me and another for my engine” quoted in the movie by a character Bert Munro, reveals the fact that, how determined he is, to make his engine get ready to set a world track record. The World’s Fastest Indian is directed by Roger Donaldson (famous for Dante’s Peak). It is also written by him, and he took the screenplay portion by himself. As a director, he picked Antony Hopkins, to enact the role of Bert. Diane Ladd gave support to his character and many characters were there to accompany Bert in the remarkable journey to achieve a goal despite his own problems. The plot is all about, Bert an enthusiastic old man, waking up in the early mornings and training with his bike called the Indian. He has a neighbor hood friend Tom (Aaron Murphy), who helps Bert in making some changes to his bike. After his bike is ready, he gives Tom a work and leaves to U.S.A, to set a new track record. During his journey to U.S.A racing track called as Bonneville, he faces a lot of problems, and also meets many people who actually like Bert and his activities. After many such incidences, he finally...

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You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger

You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger is a film with a lot of characters, a lot of situations, but not a whole lot of drama or things to watch out for. By the midway point, there’s a good chance you’ll know exactly how the rest of the film is going to play out. This makes it far less enjoyable than it otherwise might have been. To call this film simple-minded would be insulting, but to call it entertaining would be a lie. We open with a woman named Helena (Gemma Jones) going to see a fortune-teller named Cristal (Pauline Collins). Helena has recently divorced her husband, Alfie (Anthony Hopkins). An annoying narrator informs us of this. They former married couple have a daughter, Sally (Naomi Watts), who is married to a writer named Roy (Josh Brolin). Helena supports the couple because Roy is struggling to write his second novel, probably because he continuously stares at the woman across the street (Freida Pinto). Let’s see, there are a great deal more characters. Alfie ends up marrying a prostitute named Charmine (Lucy Punch). Sally gets a new job working at an art gallery, and has a boss named Greg (Antonio Banderas). The woman across the street, Dia, has a fiancée named Allen (Neil Jackson), a man named Jonathan (Roger Ashton-Griffiths) gets involved later on as well, although I’ll keep his...

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Happy Feet Two, a Mr. E Movie Review

High quality animation, a star studded cast, and the coolest little dancers Antarctica has to offer. That’s what you can expect from Warner Bros. Happy Feet Two as it hits theaters this weekend. When Erik, the son of Mumbles (voiced by Elijah Wood) and Gloria (voiced by P!nk), has trouble realizing his talents as a dancing member of his penguin family, he sets out to join Ramone, voiced by legendary comedian Robin Williams, on a journey to find somewhere new that he can feel at home. Meanwhile, the sudden moving of giant glacier blocks off the only entrance to their penguin home, trapping the population and threatening their survival. Along the way the adventurers find a flying penguin, Ramone falls for the Sofia Vergara-voiced Carmen, and saving a giant elephant seal pays off big time. If you have kids, this one is a no-brainer. The toe tapping music alone had my girls dancing in there seats on more than one occasion. As far as pacing and story line goes, while it’s not heavy on plot, it does hit the mark for what it is, a family movie meant to entertain all ages. Robin Williams is at his best. He steals every scene he’s in with another one of his typical bigger-than-life performances. Oh, and there’s a subplot to the story about a couple of krill, voiced by Brad Pitt...

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The Sitter, a Mr. E Movie Review

This weekend, “The Sitter” smacked movie-goers in the face. The previews make the film look like it might be a fun remake of the 1980’s cult classic, “Adventures in Babysitting” and that it’s suitable for kids. And while it may resemble that film’s theme, “The Sitter” is in no way, shape, or form suitable for kids. Right from the moans in the opening scene, the film’s gratuitous adult themes will have you shielding the eyes of the innocent. And that’s only part of what’s wrong with this movie. We’ll get to that in a moment. Jonah Hill stars as a sloppy college dropout who gets guilted into babysitting the neighbor kids when his mother gets set up on a date for the first time since her divorce. The trio of misfit kids he’s asked to watch include a panic-attack-in-waiting, a preteen Paris Hilton wannabe, and a pyro from south of the border. While on duty, his user of a girlfriend convinces him that she’s finally ready to reciprocate their one-sided sexual relationship. She gets him to round up the kids, steal a van, and buy her drugs for their rendezvous. Now let the somewhat believable madness begin. The problem with “The Sitter” is in the writing. Other than the unneeded use of in-your-face sex and crass language, the film does have a few good laughs. Unfortunately, they’re overshadowed by...

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The Immortals, a Mr. E Movie Review

The previews for Tarsem Singh’s “Immortals” were anything but impressive. The attempt to ride the established success of such films as “300” was an obvious objective. Unfortunately, Immortals is not in the same class. The back story: a thousand years ago, after a great war, the titans were imprisoned by the Greek gods. Now, King Hyperion, played by the enigmatic Mickey Rourke, is on a rampage, destroying everything in sight. He searches for the mythical bow that can release the titans and destroy the gods who let him down in life. Henry Cavill, the actor chosen to be the next Superman, plays Theseus, a mortal man who has been secretly mentored his whole life by a disguised Zeus. When his village is attacked and he suffers a great personal loss, he leads the fight against Hyperion. The story does have several cool elements to it and visually the finished product is satisfying. You just have to endure a drawn-out setup before getting any of the payoff. While Cavill is lukewarm in his hero role, Mickey Rourke is on fire. Rourke does the evil protagonist so well that it kind of stinks that the rest of the film is so mediocre. “Immortals” can be summed up as last year’s “Clash of the Titans” meets “300” sprinkled with elements from “The Cell.” Not horrible, but not destined for cinematic immortality. For...

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