Month: November 2011

Suburban Mayhem (2006)

Suburban Mayhem is the type of movie you watch, feel disgusted with, absolutely despise, and then completely forget what happened after it’s over. At least, that’s how I experienced it. I remember how I felt while it was playing — although I also remember being bored quite often — but I have trouble recalling specific moments that made me feel that way. I’d think about re-watching it if it wasn’t such a mundane experience, which is saying a lot when your main characters is as random and sporadic as they come. Her name is Katrina (Emily Barclay), and she’s a woman out-of-control. At the young age of 19, she’s already had one child, and could easily be pregnant with another. Her brother is in jail for slicing the head off a convenience store employee, her father is struggling with her bad habits, and her baby is probably getting lung problems from all the second-hand smoke from Katrina and her boyfriend, Rusty (Michael Dorman). She’s found out the life isn’t easy, although she isn’t helping gain anyone’s favor with her antics. We find out that her father has been killed, and Katrina is suspect number one. The film has a bunch of interviews with family, friends and other contacts, that’s supposed to give us insight into her life. We see the funeral for her father, and we learn that we...

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      It has been five years since Stephanie (Leslie Bibb) refused to marry Griffin Keyes (Kevin James) because of his commitment as a zookeeper. One day, they run into each other at his brother’s engagement party and Griffin is willing to do anything to get her back, even quit his job. The animals of the zoo do not want to lose Griffin because they that feel he is the best zookeeper they’ve had. So, they break their one rule, which is to not talk in front of humans, and help Griffin get Stephanie back without losing him. Will Griffin succeed? Will his long-time friend, Kate (Rosario Dawson) help Griffin get Stephanie and to keep him at the zoo? What’s the worst that can happen if Griffin quits?   Review:              First and foremost of the main topic are the animal voices. They were terrible. They all had high-pitch whiny voices and it gets higher with each sad comedic line. I’m not saying that they should talk elegant and proper just normal like the characters from Madagascar. Their voices didn’t distract me from the film nor break my concentration and whence every time they talk. I’m a big fan of Kevin James but his typecast of the problematic and clumsy big man is getting old. The beautiful Rosario does not belong in a film like this unless her career is...

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The Devil’s Double-Review

            Uday Hussein (Dominic Cooper), son of Saddam Hussein (Phillip Quest), is a rich and powerful man who can get anything and anyone he wants. The price of this luxury comes with the consequences of enemies and the burden of responsibilities. An Iranian solider, Latif Yahia (Dominic Cooper) is forced to be Uday’s double or it is death to him and his family. With murder, rape and psychotic behavior, Latif tries to find a way out. Will Uday kill his investment, Latif? Will Latif risk his family’s life to save his? How far will Uday go to keep Latif?   Review:              Even though this is a true story, I wasn’t captivated by this film. Although, I believe Dominic did a great job playing both roles. The ability to switch between the psychotic rich boy to the humble solider is something to remember. Looking at the two characters, I thought they were really two people because, though similar, there are features that set them apart-thanks to the makeup team. I didn’t buy that Uday was this big bad evil tyrant; I just thought he was a rich spoiled brat. He did do some unspeakable things but not terrible enough for him to claim the first part of the title of the film. I also felt that the film was missing something; I couldn’t pinpoint it but something was missing...

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Movie Review of ‘Black Death’ (2010)

Let’s get this out of the way first: Black Death is by no means an enjoyable movie due to its bleak and unflinching depiction of the 14th Century. Be that as it may, it is a riveting, dramatic horror picture that’s as brilliant as it is challenging. Coming from director Christopher Smith (Severance, Triangle), Black Death is many styles wrapped into one. The director himself has described it as a “men on a mission” yarn, and it is, but Smith’s picture is far more than that – it’s also a pensive character study and a religious thriller with deeper themes that viewers are given the chance to ponder. Horrifying and haunting, Black Death dissects fundamentalism in an uncompromising fashion while depicting the ghastly madness that occurred during one of mankind’s darkest periods. The story takes place in 1348. The bubonic plague is sweeping across Europe, ravaging villages and killing millions. In the midst of this, conflicted monk Osmund (Redmayne) is secretly in a forbidden relationship with young villager Averill (Nixon), weakening his allegiance to the church and leaving him disillusioned. Word soon reaches Osmund’s village that a remote community lies in the marsh that’s not affected by the plague, meaning that either an antidote has been discovered or that a Necromancer using the occult may have found a way to starve off the infection. Bishop envoy Ulric (Bean) and his team of medieval mercenaries plan to find this...

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Going The Distance (2010)

Going The Distance is a 2010 romantic comedy directed by Nanette Burstein. It stars Justin Long(Jeepers Creepers, Waiting, Accepted) and Drew Barrymore(The Wedding Singer, Ever After, Scream) as a couple who tries a long distance relationship as he lives in New York and she lives in San Francisco. Erin(Barrymore) is a 30 something woman working a temporary job as an intern for a newspaper in New York. While out with some friends she meets Garrett(Long) who works for a record label in New York. These two have a nice night together and decide to start “casually” dating each other both knowing that in 6 weeks Erin’s job would be over and she would have to go back to San Francisco. But as we all know that doesn’t always work out, these two start having stronger feelings for one another and Erin tries getting the newspaper to hire her full time, with no luck. After the 6 weeks is over, Garrett takes Erin to the airport and he reveals that he is crazy for her and he would like to continue dating long distance. She agrees and they continue by spending their days and nights talking on the phone, texting each other, and trying to figure out when one of them can fly out to see the other. The film at this point starts becoming even more predictable, not that...

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