Month: July 2011

Cowboys and Aliens

Hey everyone,  Now I’ve mentioned to ya’ll that I’m a serious movie lover.  But I was skeptical about this movie because every few years we make another alien movie.  Its always the same…their here to invade us.  Their trying to study us and take over our planet.  I’m tired of the same ol’plot happening in every story.  Surely if they were going to invade…it would happen by now.  But this movie, Cowboys and Aliens, was surprisingly refreshing.  The Aliens weren’t here to take over our planet…in fact what they wanted wasn’t even us.  It touched ideas never used before…different reasons for wanting our planet.  I was impressed.  It wasn’t an absolute ten…however…Daniel Crieg has a REALLY nice ass.  And framed in those leather pants…hm…perfect.  Besides that little…tid bit…I’d give the movie a 4 out of 5 and recommend anyone looking for a good story with heart felt parts…and great action see this movie. Until next time my little chickpeas. -wink-...

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Captain America: The First Avenger

Well, the summer will soon be nearing its end, although the temperatures outside don’t seem to agree. With the changing of the seasons also comes the inevitable conclusion to the summer of superheroes (that’s what I dubbed it a few weeks back). And now, with the release of “Captain America: The First Avenger” this year’s heroic reign over the box office for beloved comic book icons will soon be coming to a close. “Captain America: The First Avenger” is the story of Steve Rogers (Chris Evans), a young man who wanted nothing more than to fight alongside the brave soldiers in World War II against the Nazi onslaught. After being rejected repeatedly due to his frail physique, Steve volunteered for an experimental treatment that would transform him into a living, breathing super-soldier. Meanwhile, a Nazi scientist named Johann Schmidt (Hugo Weaving) is attempting to harness power beyond anything this world has ever seen, and Captain America may be the only one strong enough to stop him. After so many entertaining entries this summer ranging from Marvel’s “Thor” and “X-Men: First Class” to DC Comics’ “Green Lantern”, did the heroic summer end with a triumphant victory or a disappointing defeat? The answer, as evidenced by the movie’s opening weekend box office victory over “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2”, combined with mostly positive reactions from critics, is that...

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Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)

Captain America: The First Avenger starts out by earning the goodwill of its audience. It shows us a 90-pound weakling named Steve Rogers (Chris Evans, with either a body double or his body shrunken with digital effects) who wants to join the army. It earns this goodwill by making us sympathize with him. He doesn’t want to join the army because it will make him popular or because he wants to kill people; he just wants to join it because he loves his country. He’s rejected, due to having asthma and being very slim, but tries five times. He’s eventually noticed by a defected German scientist, Dr. Abraham Erskine (Stanley Tucci). Erskine tells him that he can turn Rogers into someone fit for the army, with the only downside being that he has to be injected with some sort of serum that may or may not actually work. Rogers agrees, he gets injected, and becomes a beefed-up version of his previous self. At this point, Chris Evans gets to show that he’s been working out in preparation for the role. He dons the Captain America suit that fans have come to love, although he does so reluctantly. At first, he’s put to work promoting the army — he goes around from state to state selling bonds in a musical performance. It’s funny to see this, but it gets tiring...

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Cellular (2004)

Cellular asks and answers one simple question: “How many ways can a cell phone be used?” The answer ends up being a whole lot, because we find out that a phone can do a great number of things, at least, whenever it’s convenient for the plot to remember them. But that’s okay because while you watch this film, you forget about how contrived the plot is and focus instead on the ridiculousness of the entire film. That’s not a criticism though. The reason that Cellular is incredibly fun to watch is because of how ridiculous it is. The actors seem to be playing it for laughs, at least, some of them are, and the situations that director David R. Ellis puts his characters in makes us laugh for most of the picture. It plays out more like a comedy than a true thriller, even though we are thrilled by parts of it. Our plot is incredibly simple. Five men come into the home of Jessica Martin (Kim Basinger), and abduct her. She is taken to a house somewhere outside off the grid, and locked in an attic. Jason Statham comes in and smashes the telephone in the room. (Why a perfectly functional telephone is in the room to begin with is never explained, but just go with it.) After he leaves, Jessica, a high school biology teacher — she’s...

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Cowboys and Aliens, a Mr. E Movie Review

When I first heard that John Favreau was co-producing this epic graphic novel adaptation with Steven Spielberg I have to admit my interests where peaked. I mean the idea itself is a genre-crossing mash up that I’d never thought would get a chance on the big screen. But nowadays with everything comic book related getting a treatment I guess it was inevitable. The real kicker is that not that ET’s creator is on board or Iron Man’s visionary is either for that fact. It’s that Indiana Jones/Han Solo’s Harrison Ford has taken up the reign’s along with my new favorite 007, Daniel Craig. Both of which are awesome in their roles as the hard-nosed old war colonel turned steer baron and the amnesiac villain turned hero with a fancy new wristband. Cowboys and Aliens does everything right when it comes to special effects and even the menacing alien themselves. Where it kind of falls a little short is in its story. It seems sort of flat. I mean there’s the hero who butts heads with the town tough guy only to be interrupted by people snatching aliens. Very cool but it kind of just went from here to there. If you know what I mean? Let’s get this clear…It’s by no means a bad movie. I actually liked a lot of the elements and Sam Rockwell was great comic...

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