Month: August 2010

toy story 3(2010)

                   This film is absolutely fantastic! Toy story 3 is a MUST see movie, it once again stars Tim Allen and Tom Hanks as the lovable toys Buzz and Woody as they set off on their newest adventure. It starts off with kid Andy who is now 17, and is off to college. As Andy packs his things for college, he decides to put them in attic. But instead of going in the attic they are accidentally thrown away and wind up at Sunnyside daycare. Where they meet all kinds of new toys and they also meet Lost-o- Huggin bear (voiced by Ned Beatty)who seems really nice and assures the toys they will never have to worry about being abandoned again. Because at Sunnyside, when the children grow up, more come in. All seems well for the toys until they realize that the daycare isn’t as great as they thought, the kids are not old enough for them and treat them badly. Then they soon find out that Lost-o- runs the daycare more a prison, then paradise. The toys now have to come up with a plan to escape Sunnyside daycare and get back to Andy’s house before he goes off to college. The voice talent in the movie is incredible.  Alongside Allen and Hanks, you have Michael Keaton as the voice of Ken, the original voices of Rex,...

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Revenge of the Nerds

The 1984 comedy Revenge of the Nerds stars Anthony Edwards, Robert Carradine, Ted McGinley, Jamie Cromwell, Donald Gibb, and Bernie Casey.  It is produced by Ted Field and Peter Samuelson.  The director is Jeff Kanew. The story centers around Lewis Skolnick and Gilbert Lowe, two best friends that are going away to college.  When they are walking to their dorm, they are taunted by the Alpha Betas, the football players.  As Lewis and Gilbert are settling in, the jocks are partying.  During the party, they accidentally burn down their fraternity house.  The quarterback, Stan Gable, suggests they move into the freshman dorm.  So, all the football players storm the dormitory, literally throwing out everyone inside, including Lewis and Gilbert.  The now homeless freshmen are all taken to the gymnasium where beds have been set up for them to sleep on.  The dean of the college also informs them that they will be allowed to join fraternities.  After all the fraternities on campus have chosen their members from the outcast freshmen, there are still a few that are left to live in the gym.  Lewis sends everybody out to see about all the open rooms in the area.  Lewis himself finds a dilapidated house that is available, so they all decide that they will fix up the old house and live in it.  But in order to remain in the house, the...

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If Musicals Be the Food of laughter…Sing On

SOUTH PARK: BIGGER, LONGER & UNCUT 1999In a world where society seems not to function without an irrational fear or two, Matt Stone & Trey Parker turn the microscope back in on itself. What results is a movie which is well-crafted, has great musical numbers and is truly laugh-out-loud funny.With characters from the TV hit show, South Park, we are aware of to whom we refer.  Kyle, Stan, Cartman and Kenny (following an opening show number which would have Rodgers & Hammerstein applauding) go to see a film by their controversial (Canadian) heroes Terrance and Phillip. They are underage but easily con their way past the ticket salesman. As they sit and watch the film gasping at the flow of expletives, they leave the cinema and start imparting these new curse words to the world at large. Enter the outraged parents and schoolteachers who thunder against such profanity and their position grows to eventually become true anti-Canadian sentiment (watch out here for Cartman’s chip implant which shocks him each time he curses aloud). In the midst of all this, Kenny meets an unfortunate end (as per usual) and descends into hell where Satan and Saddam Hussein are lovers (I’m serious!) and plan to rise up and take over the world. Back to action on terra firma and the anti-Canadian sentiment has resulted in the arrest, trail and conviction of...

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The Tin Man is Indeed Heartless

THE TERMINATOR- 1984   To me, there are two critical questions to be asked of any sci-fi feature film. One, is it believable and two, will it date. The Terminator leaves us with a yes and yes to these queries. Our juices are set flowing from the very opening act in this tension-tension-release-tension-tension-release classic. This film was destined to become and landmark of the genre.   In present day (1984) Los Angeles, after a brief glance into a very post-apocalyptic future, we are introduced to the antagonist (the Terminator) and the protagonists (Reese, Sarah Connor).  The former role becomes quickly established whereas the latter’s relationship is becomes clearer via a series of reveals. Both the Terminator and Reese are from the future and both have an interest in Sarah Connor and it is this interplay which forms the spine of the movie around which some glorious action sequences are spun. The future of humankind depends on her, so she must stay alive.   The first thing which struck me was it is the first time that an antagonist is truly heartless. Neither last minute decision-making to allow a hero’s escape (James Bond et al) nor a crisis of conscience to dissolve hard-heartedness (Roy Batty, Blade Runner) frees us from the relentless onslaught. The Terminator is a true killing machine and he undertakes that role with a ruthlessness which has...

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The Brothers Grimm (2005)

The Brothers Grimm is a 2005 fantasy film directed by Terry Gilliam. It stars Matt Damon and Heath Ledger as the title characters. The film takes place in a French occupied Germany at some point in the 1800s. The gist of the film leads the two brothers on a quest to stop the theft of children from a village close to a forest. Once in the forest, they quickly realize that it isn’t an ordinary forest, and that they may be in over their heads. However, these people are the Brothers Grimm after all, slaying many magical beings in the past. At least, that is what everyone but the audience is led to believe. The brothers are actually con-artists; staging every “encounter” they’ve ever held. These people are unlikeable from the start, and this doesn’t really change throughout the film. Eventually a French general catches them and orders them to help out a village. The village’s children are all disappearing, for reasons explained much later in the movie, and the brothers must find a way to both put a stop to this, as well as bring any living body back. The premise isn’t bad. The cast is quite good. The visual effects are top notch. With these three things in mind, it leaves me wondering what went wrong with this production. The fairytale elements don’t actually have all that...

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