Month: July 2010


S A L T a very shory 1hr and 39mins Directed by  Phillip Noyce Starring   Angelina Jolie, Liev Schreiber and Chiwetel Ejiofor A case of seemingly mistaken identity turns into a complex mole hunt that reveals a conspiracy concerning the rebirth of the cold war.   Salt is an action heavy thriller starring the manliest heroine in movie history Angelina Jolie who seeks to usher in a new era of espionage by resuscitating the cold war.Through a series of red-hearings and predictable plot twists that even a novice could spot SALT runs like the fugitive and improvises like MacGyver, but there is a method to her madness that elevates this generic thrill ride to a suitable action plateau even though the proceedings are short on everything including length and logic.   However predictable SALT is and for me i could count the ways on a napkin, it is fairly descent excapism albeit short on narrative cohession and long on  suspension of disbelief. Our plucky heroine battles hordes of trained operators on her way to the top of the food chain taking no prisoners. She sabotages and injures her victims with mixed martial arts and a variety of weaponry that would make James Bond blush.   Unlike INCEPTION a single tug at a spoiler could cause this so called mystery to dissolve like an antacid tab.  Nevertheless, i have a...

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Predators | Action/Sci-Fi | rated R (V,G) | starring Adrien Brody, Topher Grace, Walton Goggins, Danny Trejo, Lawrence Fishburne | directed by Nimrod Antal | 1:46 mins Having been literally dropped into the jungle via parachute, a group of strangers who all appear to have been engaged in combat in various spots on the world when they were taken, slowly learn that they are being hunted for sport by a highly evolved alien beast intent on wiping them out one by one. Now that two highly-anticipated Alien vs. Predator movies have come, dissapointed everyone and gone, producer Robert Rodriguez steps into the series to give the Predators their menace back, instead of the honor-bound soldiers who can stand side-by-side with humans. To helm the project Rodriguez has teamed up with Nimrod Antal, who with the impressively tight horror flick Vacancy proved to be a director more capable than any handed the AvP series. Predators is positioned, not like the reboot it has been promoted as, but a direct sequel to the ’87 original genre favorite. It assumes we know nothing about the Predators and unfolds their world and their abilities to us with a fresh eye, allowing us to escape with it and see them for the first time once again. Like Vacancy, one of Predators biggest charms is how lean and efficient it is. Almost no fat at all here with Antal...

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Why Black Dynamite Why?

This is not a review: It’s just a question that has been plaguing me for a while, and that question is why didn’t this movie make it big on a national scale? I always believed good cinema should be shared with the world, and that is exactly what this movie is. Micheal Jai White, who you make regognize from Tyler Perry’s ”Why Did I get Married?” or ”Spawn,” it the nail directly on the head with this gem, he not only starred in, but wrote and directed as well. Some people try so hard to make stellar movies only to have them come out terrible, but when someone intends to create a terrible movie only to have it be better then 90% of the ”It” movies, then that is truly a singn of matery over one’s craft. In the film Micheal Jai White plays a hard a nails, ex-soilder/pimp who must return to action after his younger brother ”Jimmy” is shot to death on the streets. After what first seems to be another slaying of a black junkie turns into something way bigger, Black Dynamite takes it upon hisself to not only find his brothers killer, but also eradicate all drug dealings in town. With a cool and funny cast of charecters and even cooler dialogue, Black Dynamite is sure to have even the most stubbourn movie goer squirming...

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INCEPTION 2hrs. 28 mins DIRECTED BY Christopher Nolan STARRING Leonardo DiCaprio, Ken Watanabe, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ellen Page, Cillian Murphy and Tom Hardy INCEPTION is one of those movies that comes along once every couple generations. Like THE WIZARD OF OZ, INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS, STAR WARS, BLADERUNNER or THE MATRIX. This sci-fi thriller is unlike almost anything you’ve seen before. Sure the concept has been used before(DREAMSCAPE), but it has never been done by a master-craftsmen who i believe is better than Hitchcock, reason why is along with his brother Johnathan (who didn’t write this) they are fully capable of manufacturing their own material without the need to adapt from bestsellers. Nolan makes his own bestsellers. Christopher Nolan is said to have been working on the script for the past 11 years, and by the looks of it. He spent that time wisely. In the opening sequence we learn about the nature of an Extractor. A job within a job reveals to us the intricacy of the Extractors work environment which consists of layers of artificial and natural emotional manipulation skills. “I am the best” he says with his chin up high as attempts to finesse a mark. But on this particular job his thoughts have gotten the better of him and he fails a routine extraction, because for whatever reason the mark an illustrious japaneese businessman named...

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Knowing how unoriginal childern’s sports comedy is in general, I don’t know what got me watching this movie in the first place, so ironically, it wouldn’t even be right to call this movie disappointing. It is exactly what you would expect; cheap laughs and cheesy messages about winning not being everything and the important thing is to have fun, or worse, teamwork is best. I guess it makes matters worse that this film is an American movie based on soccer, because Americans don’t know shit about soccer and it looks like the scriptwriters never even bothered look up any of the rules, so the whole thing looks even more awkward than what it should have. In this film, you got the usual mix of sterotypes and unintentional ignorant messages. Whereas in a basketball movie the good players would be black, I guess in a soccer movie the good players have gotta be Italians, and it was either that or Brazilians, but you get more cheap stereotypical jokes from Italian characters than Brazilian ones. Not content, they even got a very small Japanese kid who is the ultimate underdog. To make things even more unoriginal, this is a team of losers that predictably proceeds to win the whole thing; paradoxically, a nice ending could have wrapped the movie up had the team not won, but I guess you don’t want...

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