Month: May 2010

Revised Post (13th Revision): James Cameron’s Avatar

After seeing Avatar 13 times, I still love the movie, but not in the way I used to. I am only probably going to be able to watch the movie, at most, only every two months because of how dull it became to me. I can nearly quote the whole thing (and trust me, I am certainly not proud of that). Take this example… you know when you are drinking an alcoholic beverage, and you think, “hey, this is good, man,” and you keep drinking it until eventually you need rehab, and then you go to rehab? You will still love the drink, but it is to be restricted. This is a very hostile example through comparison, but I still feel that it is necessary. I feel that the film’s script is a bit dull and VERY cheesy, and that the direction is more “programing” than directing, but I still feel that it is one of the most impacting films ever. I took it off my top ten because I don’t know where it stands anymore on my list. But hey, it is still great and I can still enjoy it. After all, I bought it the day it came out. The things that drew me back to this film were the visuals and the enticing study that went into creating this world and culture. It was just really...

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The Hurt Locker

The winner of the Academy Awards for Best Original Screenplay (which should have gone to Quentin Tarantino for Inglourious Basterds), Best Director (which should have gone to Duncan Jones for Moon) and Best Picture (Which also should have gone to Duncan Jones for Moon, or James Cameron’s Avatar. After all, it did make a billion dollars more than Titanic) was a film I saw a LONG while ago in 2009. The film was good, don’t get me wrong, but it wasn’t THAT good. The films Moon, Avatar (lets be frank), Inglourious Basterds, Up, and District 9 were better, in all honesty. The film could have been fantastic if it weren’t for two things: 1) Realism. 2) Spark. It wasn’t realistic. It was shown to soldiers, and they laughed about how unreal it was. The spark missing is what I like to call the “Robin Hood Effect,” after this years Robin Hood was made. It wasn’t bad, but it didn’t draw the crowd in. It was somewhat bland, and though it was good, attention was very easily lost. So, here is the story. William James feels that war is a drug, effecting him like it is an addiction to his madness for combat. He is in a bomb squad division, and when Bravo squad’s staff sergeant dies in a very unrealistic way (since later in the movie a worse version...

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The Getaway

Carter “Doc” McCoy has been in jail for the past four years for armed robbery. Despite his model behavior in prison, he is denied parole, thanks to less-than-honest Jack Benyon, a local businessman who has strings within the system. During a visit from his wife, Carol, Doc tells her to go see Benyon, and do whatever necessary to get him out of jail. She does just that- sleeping with Benyon in the process, unbeknowest to Doc. He is quickly released from jail, and reunited with Carol. He later meets with Benyon, who demands his assistance in yet another bank robbery. Enter two more criminals via Benyon- Rudy and Frank, who work alongside Doc. The robbery goes off as planned, with a bank guard being killed in the process. Rudy kills Frank, while Doc escapes with all of the money. Rudy meets up with Doc, and pulls a gun on him. Doc shoots him several times, leaving him for dead. Doc and Carol head for Benyon’s house, where they will divide the money. Carol, to Doc’s confusion, does not want to see Benyon. She waits in the car as Doc goes inside. During their meeting, Benyon reveals the truth. He has no intention of sharing the money, Doc is going back to prison- and he slept with Carol. As Benyon confesses about their tryst, Carol shoots him to death. An...

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The Crazies ****

Now I am what you could call a zombie movie fanatic. Even though this movie is really a zombie movie (but technically it is) I still really wanted to see it. Sure it had a lame title, a questionable cast, and a bad director, I still wanted to see it. Well I finally got my chance and the wait was definitely worth it. The film is a horror remake of the 1973 George A. Romero movie. That was another questionable aspect, a horror remake. 9.9 times out of 10 that will not end up good, but trust me this one did.The Crazies is about the small town Ogden Marsh in Iowa, which is your typical small town. Everyone knows each other, the pass time is high school baseball, and farming is the industry to be in. But then all of the citizens start acting… well you guessed it, Crazy! So the sheriff (Timothy Olyphant) along with his wife (Radha Mitchell), his deputy (Joe Anderson), and a young local girl (Danielle Panabaker) try to escape from all the madness. But of course there had to be another obstacle, and of course that obstacle would be the government. The government finds out about the craziness and wants to contain the town, AKA fuck everything up. The film was directed by Breck Eisner, which is a great surprise to me. He directed...

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The Messenger (2009)

This film is a somewhat realistic and horrifying depiction of what life must be like for families whose loved ones are killed while serving on active duty.  Like many war-themed movies that have come before, The Messenger may be difficult to watch if you have family or friends serving our country. Focused on the Casualty Notification division of the army, this film tells the story of the people responsible for relaying the news to the next of kin that their loved one has died in battle or on assignment.  These “messengers” have a specific duty to the Army as well as to the family of the deceased soldiers.  Staff Sargent Will Montgomery (Ben Foster) is assigned to the notification role after being injured while overseas.  He learns his new duties by working closely with Captain Tony Stone (Woody Harrelson).  The two men have had very different experiences during their Army careers and must learn from one another as they tackle one of the most difficult jobs a soldier or officer can have. Tony gives Will a long list of rules for successfully tackling this job.  Some of the guidelines include not having any physical contact with the next of kin, only speaking directly to the next of kin and making sure not to hover around a house prior to making contact.  Throughout his new assignment, Will has a difficult time obeying the...

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