Month: March 2010

The Invention of Lying

The Invention of Lying starsas well as is written by Ricky Gervais, accompanied by beautiful and talented costar, Jennifer Garner. It was released October 2nd 2009.   The Invention of Lying is about exactly that…a man that tells the very first lie. He discovers this convenient power and uses it to his total advantage. Of course testing it out here and there, a particular humorous scene; Mark (Gervais) sees an attractive woman on the street. He tells her that they must have sex or the world is going to end. She responds with shock and fear and is all too eager to save the world. Does our protagonist have a conscious?   The first time Mark discovers he can say something that isn’t true was a mistake. As many great discoveries often are. A bank teller asks him how much he wants out. He jokingly says a large amount of money and she takes him seriously and hands him the amount of money he jokingly stated. Now, I liked the way Mark discovered lying but, in this land of no lies and only truth, is there also no joking? I find it hard to believe that this has never been discovered. Was there no sarcasm either?   To begin with I really disliked The Invention of Lying. People kept saying random, inappropriate things that were on their minds. I...

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Repo Men

Repo Men is a grisly and gruesome sci-fi flick that stars Jude Law and Forest Whitaker as two repossession agents. If you can’t pay your bill, they won’t take away your car or your house, they’ll take your heart or your lungs or your kidneys! Literally!! Repo Men is based on Eric Garcia’s 2009 novel The Repossession Mambo. He is known for his popular Rex series about dinosaurs and his 2003 book Matchstick Men, which were both turned into movies as well. Garcia co-wrote the screenplay for Repo Men with TV writer/producer Garrett Lerner (House M.D.) Set in the not-so-distant future, if a person is in need of an organ transplant, instead of getting on a list, they can just buy an artificial organ or “Artiforgs” as there called. The best manufacturer of “Artiforgs” is The Union. The problem is they charge very high prices for their products, but they do have installment plans, that charge even higher interest rates. If you fall behind on your payments, The Union, managed by a smooth-talking ghoul named Frank (Liev Schreiber, X-Men Origins: Wolverine), will send out either Remy (Law) or Jake (Whitaker), their two best repo men, to collect their property.   One night while out on a routine repo assignment that goes bad, Remy falls into a coma and when he wakes up, he is the new recipient of one of The Union’s  top-of-line artificial hearts....

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Black Dynamite (2009)

It’s no secret Black Dynamite is a throwback to the Blaxploitation films of the ’70’s and it makes no apologies for the genre. What it does is capitalizes on the essence of these films and produces a loving homage to the genre; from the sloppy film editing to the over the top acting this film is one of the greatest period parodies since Austin Powers — International Man of Mystery. Scott Sanders has assembled an All-Star cast who have no trouble bringing the preposterous story to full life. Black Dynamite (Michael Jai White who co-wrote the screenplay) remains supercharged throughout as he stops at nothing to bring justice back to the streets. The story carries all the essential elements in its arsenal, including an exploding car which made me feel like I was suddenly watching a Starsky and Hutch episode. Visually it remains true to the times including some really fantastic animated sequences. From start to finish the story pops like an old record but manages to stay on track setting up a truly exciting, wild and crazy ending. Make no mistake, Black Dynamite is a comedy spoof but it has an “R” rating for a reason. It’s raunchy but clever and upholds a stereotypical silky smooth elegance, like Billy Dee Williams sipping an ice-cold Colt .45 Malt Liquor. Grab your Nun chucks and your best Leisure Suit and...

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Let the Right One In

Every so often a movie comes around that transcends its particular genre. This is that movie. “Let the Right One In” is a complicated coming of age love story that just happens to revolve around a vampire. Young Oskar (Kåre Hedebrant) is a boy that is physically weak and continually targeted by Bullies. The opening sequence starts out with Oskar practicing a defensive maneuver, in his bedroom with a knife. What he is actually doing, at the time, isn’t quite that clear until a bit later. Oskar’s life is very ordinary, but all that is about to change when he get’s a new neighbor, Eli (Lina Leandersson). They first meet outside the apartment complex when Oskar is again practicing his defensive maneuvers, on a tree. This moment in the film, is highly pivotal, and becomes the foundation for Oskar and Eli’s relationship. From here the movie really takes off and we learn about Oskar’s unrelenting desire to have Eli as a friend. Although Eli tries to discourage Oskar from befriending her she becomes as consumed and fascinated, with Oskar, trying to understand him as a human and the complexities of being human, something she was denied of discovering at a very young age. Early on in the film you know you are dealing with a Vampire, when we witness Eli’s caretaker tirelessly trying to procure blood, from hapless victims,...

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The Invention of Lying (2009)

Mark: “I did a bad thing.” Anna: “It’s o.k., you get three!” There is an old saying that says once you tell a lie you usually have to cover it by telling another, and so on, but what if you live in a world where everything that is ever said is the truth no matter how brutal it is and lying does not exist? This is the world that our friend and lovable loser Mark Bellison is from. Mark (Ricky Gervais) is an unfortunate loser of a character who seems to have no luck at all, except bad luck. When Mark loses his job and is threatened with eviction he is forced to withdraw all of his savings from the bank and this is where his life changes. Mark develops the uncanny ability to say things, that aren’t. There is no word for it, because lying does not exist, and Mark suddenly realizes he has a chance to turn his life around. With his new found ability, to tell things that aren’t, Mark aggressively takes advantage gaining everything from fortune and fame to getting the only person he loves to fall for him. Everything is great until his Mother is told she is going to die. When Mark realizes he can’t stand seeing his Mother die thinking she is going to complete nothingness, he fabricates a story, as only...

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