Month: November 2009

The Echelon Conspiracy

  So basically think of the movie Eagle Eye and you have the basic plot for this action adventure. Starring Shane West and Vhing Rhames, this movie manages to pull through a semi-OK performance. I think that my predilections for this film were decided when I recognized the almost identical story line to Eagle Eye-basically a government program gone awry. What happens is that people start receiving these high tech cell phones listing instructions. When people start benefiting from the advice; such as money tips, then the entity kills them. The NSA seeks to counteract this and sends in Agent Dave Grant (Vhing Rhames) to apprehend the current holder of one of these phones, Max Peterson. Seeking to take the offense Agent Grant’s boss procures a government agent as a double for Peterson, but he is quickly put out of commission, being smashed between two cars. “I want you agent Peterson”, says the machine and things pick up… So I thought it was mildly exciting. My favorite part would have to be the shoot out in the apartment. It reminded me of some of the scenes from Leon the Professional; very raw action scenes with the granny picture quality during fight sequences with the orange sun light coming through the windows and lots of bullets. I was expecting more, but we just get a taste of the action. One...

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“Cypher” (2002.) is not what you would expect. Small budget, unremarkable cast – even the cheesy promotional posters do nothing to avert the impression of a B-movie. Yet, the director – Vincenzo Natali is a man proven to do more with less. In “Cube” (1997.) he delivered a fine horror film that has since gained a cult following. In Cypher he attempts a sci-fi thriller in the vein of “The Manchurian Candidate”.  Starring Jeremy Northam as the corporate spy Morgan Sullivan and Lucy Liu as the enigmatic Rita Foster, Cypher weaves a complex, intriguing plot of deception and identity loss. From the onset it’s obvious that Morgan is not a happy individual. He’s unemployed, his wife is pressuring him to accept a job he doesn’t want to take and his suburban life is, well, boring. As a means of escape he applies for a very different sort of profession – corporate espionage. Assuming the identity of Jack Thursby, he’s tasked with collecting information for Digicorp – the archetypal “faceless” corporation. This new lifestyle appeals to him, but strange events during his assignments clue him in that all is not as it seems. Unraveling layer upon layer of deception, Morgan finds himself in a game beyond his skill and understanding. His former life crumbles about him and even his very identity becomes questionable as he’s pulled deeper and deeper into...

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My in depth review of the film “Juno”

Mehhhhh, I know your thinking what kind of way is that to start a review but that’s honestly how this movie made me feel. Falling somewhere in the category of MTVish drama and comedy mishmash, along the lines of Napoleon Dynamite, is this strange and quirky tale of an under aged girl that gets into a hill o beans. She managed to get herself pregnant. Now she must make the biggest decision of her short life. What to do with the baby.   The film is well portrayed by a talented cast, and a surprisingly good job by the young female lead ,Ellen Page as Juno. Juno is just some ho-hum , tag along, drifter role. Her Laissez-faire attitude and satirical sense of humor make everything feel kind of blahh, but to her, having no sense of direction or purpose in life is her crowning glory, as she tries to fit into the role of the enjoyable misfit. Juno is that indefinable stranger that keeps hanging around but your not sure why. They pop in, and out, but they don’t really do much, so nobody pushes them away. Juno’s character is nothing new, in fact it gets really predictable and worn out faster than you can flip a hamburger. With Juno representing a lot of impressionable teens who are all together confused, frustrated, and misguided, I have to ask...

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My review of the film “Watchmen”

Watchmen,It’s not brilliant,but it is smart. Finaly a DC superhero team that made it to the big screen. Who are the Watchmen ,allow me to introduce DC’s answer to the Avengers, here is Night Owl, Rorschach, Ozymandias,the Comedian,the Silk Spectre, and of corse Dr. Manhattan who is, a giant hairless blue man. Suspend your imagination right there.   They sure as hell aren’t the X-men, but who cares, they kick ass, when theyre not gettin busy with each other,that is don’t bring little Billy to this film. So good superheros fight crime right? Isn’t that what these guys do? Well not “times they are a changin”.It appears the world doesn’t want superheros anymore.  But why? It all starts when Rorschach investigates the mysterious death of the Comedian. Watchmen is a set in a world filled with Batman inspired tragedy and grittiness. It’s dark, sexual, and politicaly aware, deeply rooted with issues of opression, morality, and resposability, making it heavy between the lines. Violenece is rampant and explicit in detail, enough to satisfy the mature fan, and turn away the heads of any practical viewer. Reminiscent of Frank Miller’s Sin City and other shocking street tales, this movie relies on edgy and conroversial themes, like rape, murder, corrupted politics, and Nuclear Holocaust… This movie would make Superman cry like a baby. The movie is quite long comparably to the...

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My in depth review of the film “Gone in 60 Seconds” 2000

What is cool? Cool can be a lot of things or just one in particular. Fast cars, will always remain one of them, and the legions people that obsess over them shall never fade.   Gone in 60 Seconds is a fast paced action flick that takes you on an unforgettable thrill ride. As Samuel Jackson once said, “Hold onto your butts.”You better do just that because it’s gonna get rough, so strap in tight. Gone 60 Seconds is a remake of the original film of the same name, but this time they’ve upped the ante as director Jerry Brukheimer takes control.  The name of the game is car theft, or as the pros call it, GTA. How many cars can you steal without getting caught and how fast can you do it? Now what if the stakes were as big as it gets? What if someone’s life was on the line? This is where legendary car thief and expert driver Memphis Raines steps in, played by the one and only actor / grease monkey Nicholas Cage. Cage takes on this role with full ambition, literally becoming the character and creating him from the ground up, making him into a smooth talking nice guy that loves his family and misses his friends, but piss him off and you’ll find yourself getting burned. Cage’s two rivals in this movie are...

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