Month: October 2009

Shoot’em Up, a Mr. E Movie Review

Shoot’em Up, a Mr. E Movie Review (Run Time: 86 min. – Directed by: Michael Davis – Starring: Clive Owen, Paul Giamatti, Monica Bellucci) Michael Davis’ action flick “Shoot’em Up” not only hit’s the mark, it blows the bulls eye clean out of the bulls skull! Living up to it’s title you’ll witness more bullet shells being spent in this movie than you can keep count of! (Maybe only rivaled by Saving Private Ryan!) So, what do you get when you mix a carrot eating, rouge gunslinger, played by Clive Owen, a sexy foreign prostitute, played by Monica Bellucci, a kind of cool headed hit man, played by Paul Giamatti, a US government cover up, and a cute little orphaned baby? You get a gunslinger who saves a baby and befriends a sexy prostitute to help feed it. All while running from a, kind of, cool headed hit man whom may or may not be working towards a government cover up! Clive Owen play’s his smart, well trained hero role to perfection. He is as likable as he is almost invincible. His unwavering sense of doing right coupled with his sense of sarcasm makes him a very easy character to root for. Paul Giamatti is awesomely devilish as the villain. He takes his role as the anti-hero to a whole other level. As well, his sarcasm, rants, and raves make...

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‘This is It’ Review. Was that It???

Throughout the Michael Jackson documentary ‘This is It’ he and others constantly mention that the concert is all about reminding people to love one another. Like others born in the late 80’s and early 90’s I went into this doc with the idea that the legend might have loved a few choice people a little too much. That’s what happens when growing up around the time of seeing The King of Pop spending more time in court than on stage or in the studio. However I was curious to see what the documentary was really going to show, even if just to see if the man still had the moves that even my cousin, four years my senior, used to pull off at parties when we were kids.             Directed by Kenny Ortega, who was also the director of the concert series from which the footage is based on, the documentary plays like a Behind the Scenes of Jackson’s ‘This is It’ concert series that was meant to have occurred in London prior to his death. It is a mixture of rehearsal footage from the concert along with inserts of footage highlighting different aspects of the concert’s production and videos intended to be shown alongside the music during the concert.             If the movie had hoped to portray Michael Jackson as a ‘perfectionist’ it really succeeded in that aspect....

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Horror Movies- Where Are They?

Think about how horror movies were in the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s. Don’t you get nightmares just thinking about horror movie greats like Halloween, The Howling, and even all the way back to Psycho? I remember growing up and staying up late against my parents warnings to catch that classic horror flick. Well, they question is where did they go? I mean, don’t get me wrong, they have made a couple good scary movies in the past nineteen years, but not many. So let’s think about some “scary movies” made in the last decade or so. We have Scream, what a flick. Probably one of the best horror trilogies of all time. Neve Campbell shines in all three flicks with that classic blood curdling scream that made Vivian Leigh roll in her grave. The movies are full of twists and turns that would cause Linda Blair to spit pea soup. With that success, we had other “teen screams” that tried to raise the bar and failed. Movies like Valentine and Jawbreaker. Now let’s roll forward a couple years, to the year Saw came out. Finally, a true Horror movie like no other. The Saw series has brought a much needed breath to horror fans everywhere. We wait all year Halloween to come around just to see what kind of sick and twisted game Jigsaw is going to create. And every year...

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Inglourious Basterds Review

Inglorious Basterds Review Quentin Tarantino has unveiled to the world his next work of art. He’s been working on it for ten years and it is looking good! This layered film contains separate stories which intertwine at the end to form a harrowing conclusion. Normally I would sigh when a film has more than one story line, (Babel),  but in this case I smiled. The movie is set in Nazi-occupied France, during World War II, and the opening scene consists of a very serious and dramatic interrogation scene, were Col. Hans Landa, (Christoph Waltz), is trying to uncovered some hidden jews on a French dairy farm. As the story progresses one of the Jews who escaped that farm during the Nazi raid ended up owning a cinema a few years later. A German war hero/actor approaches her and seems to be attracted to her. His movie is coming out titled “A Nations Pride” and he wants to change its initial location to her cinema. She meets up with Brad Pitts character, Lt. Aldo Raine. and the rest of the Basterds, (a group of Jewish-American guerilla soldiers), and decides to mess up the premiere of the movie, where all the highest ranking German officials will be attending, by blowing up the theatre, and pretty much barbecuing everyone inside. I won’t reveal any more details but the plot of this movie...

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London Dreams

Arjun (Ajay) and Manu (Salman) are childhood buddies living in a Punjab village. Arjun passionately loves music and dreams of becoming a musical sensation like Michael Jackson and perform at London’s Wembley Stadium but his family hates music as it was the reason for his grand father’s death. But as after his father’s death, Arjun’s uncle (Om Puri) brings him along with him to London, he runs away to pursue his dream. Mannu grows up in the village turning out to be a good for nothing bloke who makes money by playing his band at marriage ceremonies. Meanwhile Arjun chases his dream and forms a band with two Pakistani brothers (VJ’s Aditya and Ranvijay) and Priya (Asin). When he realizes he is getting attracted to Priya he decides to hide his feelings and focus on music and only reveal to them when he fulfills his dream. He gets Mannu to London to join his band. But that he realizes turns out to be his biggest mistake. The naturally talented Mannu scores over Arjun in every department unintentionally and goes on to become a bigger sensation that a dedicated and hardworking Arjun. Jealousy starts creeping in for Arjun but the final nail in the coffin comes when he sees even Priya falling in love with Mannu. What sinister plan Arjun throws on an unsuspecting Mannuto destroy his musical career and...

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