Month: July 2009

I Love You, Man

Cast: Paul Rudd, Jason Segel, Rashida Jones, Andy Samberg, Jamie Pressly, Jon Favreau, and J.K. Simmons. Plot: Peter (the always great Paul Rudd) has always had girl friends his whole life. He’s never really had any guy friends because he seems to get along better with girls. After he proposes to his soon to be wife, Zooey (Rashida Jones), he realizes that he has no one to ask to be his best man. He gets help from his brother Ronnie (played by Andy Samberg) who helps him get some “man-dates.”After a hilarious string of terrible “man-dates” Peter almost gives up. Until at a house showing of his he meets Sydney (Jason Segel). They hit it off and become the best of friends. But Zooey isn’t quite so sure about Sydney and Peter starts to really wonder if Sydney should be his best man. Breakdown: This movie, going by the trailers, looks like the cliche buddy comedy about two guys doing silly things and having a raunchy vocabulary. That is true here but there is a lot more to offer in I Love You, Man. Not only are the performances top notch all around but this movie is just really funny. It really is hilarious to watch Paul Rudd’s character not know what to say to Jason Segal’s when departing each other. Sydney calls him Pistol, as in Pistol Pete...

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White Heat

  White Heat is James Cagney all the way. Cagney epitomizes the gangster and struts the psychotic part a little bit better than Edward G. Robinson’s gangster in Key Largo. White Heat is a movie about a troubled gangster played by James Cagney who is lead by his demented mother who is as much a renegade as he is.   Just like a lot of gangster and outlaw flicks of its time it ends with a pejorative bang that immortalizes the antagonist in our hearts, and surprisingly we seem to side with Cagney over the authorities and are with him until the final moments as he says, “mom I’m on top of the world”.   I most like this movie for the acting of Cagney-who plays an enchanting vagabond of a criminal. All of the actors in this movie really give us the bang for are rental in this superb acting achievement.   James Cagney brings the antagonist role to the screen in a fashion that we can’t hate; we get the same feeling we get when we see Heath Ledgers Joker in the Dark Knight. When we watch Heath it is more like watching a piece of diabolical and exciting artwork in motion and we get the same feeling when watching Cagney; however Cagney is slightly more personable. This is emphasized in one of the most scenically comedic parts...

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Rated: Independence Day (1996)

“Not only does Independence Day successfully combine the genres of easy-cheesy sci-fi and doom-inducing disaster, it is the essential summer blockbuster movie…the blockbuster of blockbusters. Therefore, Independence Day, isn’t just noteworthy for its entertainment value, but for its ability to simultaneously showcase half a century’s worth of popculture.”

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Half Nelson (2006)

  If a person is a drug addict does that make them a bad person, does it make them incapable of being a role model? If a teenage girl is alone in the world should she seek guidance from a teacher who has a more problematic life than her own, should she accept his guidance when it could be contradictory to his own personality? These are just a few of the many questions Half Nelson asks of its audience. Half Nelson is the 2006, critically acclaimed, social drama starring Academy Award Nominee Ryan Gosling, Shareeka Epps and Anthony Mackie. Half Nelson was written for the screen by Anne Boden and Ryan Fleck, who also directed and it is based on a short film called Gowanus, Brooklyn, which was also written and directed by Boden and Fleck and is the setting for Half Nelson. Dan Dunne (Gosling) is a young, inner-city High School teacher, who for reasons unbeknown to the audience has a drug habit. Although he has hidden his drug addiction for a certain amount of time, one of his students, Drey, discovers his problem after catching him in the midst of a drug induced state one night after school. Although causing slight tension at first, this incident manages to push the two closer together and through this new found bond they decide to help each other with the on going struggles they both have with life.  First of all, Half...

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Green Lantern: First Flight (Two Disc Special Edition)

Brought to us by Lauren Montgomery (director of the animated Wonder Woman feature) and produced by DC alumni Bruce Timm, comes the next in DC Universe’s animated feature films; Green Lantern: First Flight. First Flight is presented with the voice talents of Christopher Meloni, Victor Garber, Tricia Helfer, Michael Madsen and many more. It’s rated PG-13 for sequences of Sci-Fi action violence and language. The story begins with the movie’s main hero, Hal Jordan, testing out a flight simulator and helps establish his character nicely. Hal is the type of pilot who love pushing his equipment to their limits and loves being in the air, however he’s force to take things very easy and is bored with his career. Suddenly we are taken to the desert where a space craft is crashing down to Earth, its pilot ordering his ring to find “him” upon the ships crash. Hal, simulator and all, is suddenly whisked away by a strange green light and he is told by the dying pilot that he has been chosen to become a Green Lantern; a protector of the universe. Shortly afterwards Jordan is met by fellow Lanterns and is taken to OA (The base planet for the Lantern Corps.) to see if he is worthy of bearing such a weapon/tool as a Green Lantern ring. After some dialog from other Lanterns and the Guardians (short...

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