Month: April 2009

17 Again

If you are allergic to laughter, romance, and even a little bit of action, then “17 Again” is not the movie for you! However, if you want to be entertained and leave the theatre with a smile on your face, then this IS the movie for you! Written by Jason Filardi, writer of film  “Bringing down the house,” “17 again” keeps you laughing nonstop. Zac Efron and Thomas Lennon are a riot and Zac and Leslie Mann’s on-screen chemistry will captivate you until the very end of this modern day film. “17 Again” ranked number 1 in the box office, during its premiere weekend; a rank well deserved.  The film tells the story of a father, Mike O’Donnell (Matthew Perry) who has lost his way. His kids want nothing to do with him and his wife is filing for a divorce because he just can’t seem to move on from the past. Living in a sea of regret, Mike gets the chance of a lifetime when a mysterious event causes him to turn into his 17 year old self. Mike realizes how “out of the loop” he is with his family. His son is getting bullied at school and is a “loser.” His daughter is dating the guy who bullies his son, and the list goes on and on. Mike realizes that he is in fact still very much in love with his wife (Mann) but...

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State of Play

     Scandal and Washington D.C. go together like peanut butter and jelly. State of Play, a crime-thriller directed by Kevin Macdonald (The Last King Of Scotland) stars Russell Crowe as an investigative reporter for the Washington Globe and Ben Affleck as a congressman from Pennsylvania. State of Play is based on a popular 2003 British 6-part miniseries written by Paul Abbott.  State of Play (the TV series) may have been a big hit in the UK, but State of Play (the movie) is a big disappointment here in the U.S.      Cal McAffrey (Crowe) is busy working on a story about the death of a purse snatcher and pizza delivery guy when a bigger story breaks. Sonia Baker, a research assistant for Congressman Stephen Collins (Affleck), dies in an apparent suicide and it comes out that the two were involved in a romantic relationship. Since McAffrey and Collins are friends and former college classmates, inexperienced reporter Della Frye (Rachel McAdams, The Notebook) comes to Cal looking for information when she is given the story to cover by their cutthroat editor Cameron Lynne (Helen Mirren, Inkheart). Robin Wright Penn (Forrest Gump) stars as Anne Collins, the congressman’s wife.      When Cal discovers that his story and Della’s are connected, he takes the young reporter under his wing. They soon uncover a tangled web of events that include a hitman, corporate corruption and political backstabbing. Was Sonia’s death...

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X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009)

X-Men Origins: Wolverine 2009 107 minutes Rated PG-13 by Scott Mendelson X-Men Origins: Wolverine is a film that has no particular reason for existing. It tells the background story behind a major character from the X-Men film franchise. But Wolverine was the lead character of said films, and we’ve already learned everything we need to know from the films in said franchise (like The Powerpuff Girls Movie, it is a feature length variation of an origin story that we already knew). And the extra information given here actually serves to make the character of Logan/Wolverine less interesting. It’s not necessarily that a character like Wolverine is better when his past is left a mystery, so much of that past that is revealed here is so astoundingly conventional, uncompelling, and completely cliché. In a time when even bad comic book films like The Spirit have a certain ‘are you kidding me?’ nerve, Wolverine is shocking in its adherence to formula and lack of imagination. A token amount of plot: Born with mutant powers that consisted of healing abilities, unnaturally slow aging, and the ability to pop boney claws out of his hands, the man who would be Wolverine finds himself at home on one war-torn killing field after another, along with his friend and apparent brother Victor Creed/Sabretooth (a slumming Liv Shreiber, who does so little with the role that...

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Slumdog Millionaire

Ok so this indie (indian too?) movie with not so famous actors like Dev Patel, Anil Kapoor, and Freida Pinto, was pretty good I must admit. Despite the fact that it was good, I take into consideration the rate that the hype is going at. For this movie there was a HUGE hype, and for that my rating goes down a little.  This movie is all about a young man playing “Who Want’s to be a Millionaire,” except it’s not the one from the US that we have all seen, it’s an Indian version. That is pretty much the whole story without giving away the ending, lol. Of course there are all the memories that this kid has. That is the wonderful part of the movie, the story telling. The movie has 2 tenses through out the whole film. It has two past tenses and one present tense. It shows how he knows the answers of each of the questions. It is great the way that they incorporate the past with the present, but it got a little old a little too fast for me. There were so many questions, and I believe that for only two or three out of the lot, there weren’t flash backs. For the rest of them there were flash backs.  If this story was told all in the present, it would have just been like...

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Knowing, a movie about future telling, global warming, hellish ending, alien/angels kidnapping, and just plain weird happenins. Starring Nicholas Cage and some other people, lol. I believe it takes place in the present.   Ok this movie was a small let down for me. I wasn’t expecting much, but dang it was even worse than I though. I went to see this movie at the drive in close to my house with a couple of my friends. To tell you the truth, I ended up talking most of the movie.  Anyway, the start of the movie was pretty good. It was quite interesting actually, I think this movie would have been good if not for the ending (which I will get to later). I don’t remember the exact part where I decided to talk to my friends instead of pay attention, lol, but it was sometime after the kid gets the paper that predicts the future. It was just kind of stupid. This part of the story was lacking a lot. So a girl long ago got this info about gps coordinates? That is just stupid. I must admit that its a new idea, and maybe thats why I don’t like it. But still, my first impression, and my only impression, is that it’s stupid.  By this time I started talking to my friends while I watched the movie. But I got enough info...

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