Month: January 2009

Righteous Kill

What happens when someone in Hollywood gets a great idea, but the execution of said idea becomes mismanaged, resulting in an essentially half-hearted attempt at a movie? Well, one could say that the outcome would resemble something similar to the mind-numbingly formulaic, contrived, and completely devoid of any thrills thriller known as “Righteous Kill” starring screen legends Robert DeNiro (“Goodfellas”) and Al Pacino (“The Godfather” trilogy). “Righteous Kill” centers upon two detectives, “Turk” (Robert DeNiro) and “Rooster” (Al Pacino), longtime partners within the NYPD for over 30 years. For these two decorated officers the streets shouldn’t be able to offer them any new surprises; that is until several known criminals begin getting murdered by an alleged vigilante. To make matters worse, the dead bodies are all tied to cases the pair had solved over their many years on the force, prompting many in the department to wonder if one of their own has gone over the edge. Prior to viewing this film I began to notice some rather strange omissions from the trailers preceding the impending release upon DVD and Blu-ray. Namely, the lack of any critical praise being thrown about; of course, this makes perfect sense given that a vast majority of film critics blasted the movie to pieces. With a growing sense that perhaps this movie is as lackluster as the critics had said it was, I...

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  A ‘Kiran Bernard Kutinha’ review ‘W’, an Oliver Stone film is a movie based on the life of George W Bush, the former president of USA. Emphasis on time ranging from his college days to his becoming the president and the eventual downfall of the Saddam regime. W is played by Josh Brolin and W senior by the much acclaimed James Cromwell. The movie switches back and fourth in time portraying W’s carefree life in college, and then to his becoming the governor and finally president. The movie begins in the year 2002, when W was in office and then switches to 1967 his younger self, being ragged, partying, drinking and even ending up in jail, only to being bailed out by his father, a congressman then. W gives us a good glimpse into George Bush’s personal life. Be it the uncontrollable drinking habit, the inability to hold onto jobs or the dotting eager son trying hard not to disappoint his father. It also highlights how he met his wife, his personal and career struggle, his entry into politics and his unwavering faith that not only transformed him to a sober person but gave him a goal to become the governor followed by him running for the presidency. The movie is in the truest sense about the man inside ‘The George W Bush ‘of the world. Here George...

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DVD Review: Top Secret! – I Love The 80’s Edition

Introducing the early Val Kilmer and his uncanny impersonation of Elvis Presley in Top Secret!, the post-Airplane! project from the Abrahams/Zucker comedy team. The collaboration between writers and directors Jim Abrahams, David Zucker, and Jerry Zucker dates back to 1977 when the team wrote The Kentucky Fried Movie (a film I have yet to see) which immediately gained a cult following. And though they have made plenty of movies after that, it’s obvious that their career high was in the ’80s. It’s the first time rock and roll music has been allowed in Germany and American rock and roll singer Nick Rivers (Val Kilmer doing his fantastic Elvis impersonation) has arrived in the country to perform. During his stay, he becomes entangled in a web of murder and mayhem with the East German High Command. After pairing up with a beautiful mystery woman named Hillary Flammond (Lucy Gutteridge), Nick must find a way of stopping the most dangerous weapon of all — The Polaris Mine. It’s hilariously messy, frantically pieced together, and places its trust entirely in countless relatively inoffensive jokes rather than a coherent storyline. That is the short and long of Top Secret!, a film that uses all these flaws to its advantage. Without a stimulating storyline, the quick-as-a-wink visual and verbal gags shine bright. While not on par with their laugh a minute comedy gem Airplane!,...

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Syriana (2005)

Syriana is a film for which a good review becomes a dangerous expose’. For it would reveal what any movie, as an entertainment medium, can couch behind the label of fiction, but that, in effect is a very real portrayal of the alarming international crimes practiced on a staggering scale by almost all players competing today for their own concepts of a trade “balance of power” based on an  artificially propped “coin of the realm” oil has become. Based on the Robert Baer book, See No Evil, script writer Stephen Gaghan has written a magnificent adaptation that appreciates both the complexity and intrigue behind the forces that move against any attempt to challenge the oil cartel’s stranglehold on the Middle East and that might threaten what it deems it’s own devised system of power placement. George Clooney performs admirably in his role as CIA agent, Bob Barnes, ordered to set up an assassination on an Arab prince that begins the process of taking his father’s throne in order to provide his nation with a plan for industrialization utilizing their own resources (thereby bringing the agency’s wraith upon him as a “bad guy”.) This prince, played by the gifted Alexander Siddig, has acquired an erudite financial adviser, Bryan Woodman, beautifully portrayed by Matt Damon. Tragic interplay occurs between Woodman and his wife, Julie (the lovely Amanda Peet) when they lose a...

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Revolutionary Road

 “How do you break free without breaking apart ?”  “Who’s the better actor, Leonardo Dicaprio or Kate Winslet?” Well, after watching this movie I have to say, without a doubt in my mind that this film would not have been the same if Kate Winslet wasn’t casted for this role. I wasn’t surprised at all she won best actress for this drama. Keep in mind that both Leo and Kate were nominated , but Katy took the golden globe in this one. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one that took notice of her near-perfect performance in this Drama. Revolutionary Road is a dramatic movie, in which you see the life of a couple; Leonardo Dicaprio as Frank Wheeler and Kate Winslet as April Wheeler,  living the “American dream” … but are they happy ? It all starts out when Kate’s character ,who is already emotionally unstable  and over-analytical of everything, comes up with this crazy idea that drives herself and her husband to the breaking point. She starts feeling like there’s something wrong. She reminisces on a memory of her husband, Frank Wheeler – Leonardo Dicaprio, once telling her something when they first met.”People are alive in Paris, I’d love to go back there the first change I get”,he tells her. Where she replies in awe and admiration,” Frank Wheeler,You’re the most interesting person I’ve ever met.” And just...

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