Month: October 2007

Gone Baby Gone

Gone Baby Gone Gone Baby Gone is an excellent film starring Casey Affleck, Ed Harris, and Morgan Freeman. It is a drama movie about two detective type people (played by Casey Affleck and Michelle Monaghan) who are hired to find a young girl that was recently kidnapped. It takes place in Boston and it is a wonderful heart wrenching film that had me constantly thinking about what was going to happen next. The two detectives are hired to help find the girl by the little girl’s aunt; they are hired by her because as they soon find out the mother is a drug addict who seems like she couldn’t care less about her child missing. We then learn that she had stolen some money earlier on and that the person she stole it from might have been the abductor of her child. Through several twists and turns Casey and Monaghan are paired up with Ed Harris and another officer to escort them across their investigation, although the chief, played by Morgan Freeman, does not exactly like that they are around and is not too optimistic on actually finding the child dead or alive. The acting here is phenomenal, both Affleck and Monaghan shine in their performances although I feel that Monaghan’s character shows no true purpose until the very end of the film which is excellent so I will...

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Captivity Is Not Captivating

The movie Captivity received a boost of publicity thanks to an ad campaign that offended a few people. However, the shocking reputation gained before anyone had even seen the film may be more shocking than the content of the movie itself. Captivity was directed by Roland Joffe based off of a Larry Cohen story, Cohen shares screenplay credit with Joseph Tura. Elisha Cuthbert headlines this film, however you may also recognize Danielle Gillies who did some work on a Masters of Horror episode and Pruitt Taylor Vince that big guy who’s eyes never sit still. The story is simple: Cuthbert plays a model who is kidnapped and then goes through a series of tortures in a basement like area. Did I say the story was simple? I think I meant non-existent; pointless. The special features of the Dvd may go on and on about the underlying messages within the film, but to the average viewer that isn’t really what is playing on screen. What do they see? Just another torture movie, without too much excitement to it. What are they supposed to see? Mixed messages about beauty and on top of that an even stranger one about the world we live in and the access we give strangers to the most intimate details of our lives. Cuthbert’s character does so via being a celebrity, but the rest of us...

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Wristcutters: A love story

Movie is Rated R for language and content involving suicide.  It stars Patrick Fugit, Shannyn Sossamon and Leslie Bibbb.  It is based on a novella titled Knellers Happy Campers by Etgar Keret.  It is about one and a half hours long. I know what you all are thinking how can a movie titled Wristcutters be a romance?  A movie about suicide has to be sad and depressing, right?  No.  This movie is about a boy who kills himself and finds himself in a world of the suicides.  People who have killed themselves find themselves waking up in this sort of purgatory of suicidal humans.  They all wake up, and they all continue with some sort of life, a little different, and not on this earthly plane.  Via the main character, has committed suicide and now works in a pizza joint and hangs out in a bar, at this bar he meets Eugene and they become fast friends.  Via finds out his girlfriend from his pre-suicide life has also committed suicide and he feels he needs to find her.  So he and Eugene begin a road trip to find her.  Along the way they meet Macaw, a young woman who wants to find the people in charge because her being here is a terrible mistake, she says she didn’t commit suicide.  This is a well put together movie with both laughs and...

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Day Watch (2006)

Director – Timur Bekmambetov Writers – Alexander Talal & Timur Bekmambetov Director of Photography – Sergei Trofimov Editor – Dmitri Kiselev Music – Yuri Poteyenko Producers – Konstantin Ernst & Anatoli Maksimov Fox Searchlight Pictures. 132 minutes. Rated R. STARRING: Konstantin Khabensky (Anton), Mariya Poroshina (Svetlana), Galina Tyunina (Olga), Viktor Verzhbitsky (Zavulon), Aleksei Chadov (Kostya) and Dmitry Martynov (Yegor). The Holy Grail, The Fountain of Youth, The Ring of Power: they all lend gravitas to a quest. Of course they are only (as Hitchcock called them) MacGuffins serving to propel the story forward, but such objects are imbued with a rich history (real or imagined) of intrigue, conspiracy, betrayal, honor and duty. In Day Watch, Russian director Timur Bekmambetov’s sequel to the crossover success Night Watch, the constantly down-on-his-luck hero Anton Gorodensky must locate the Chalk of Destiny to rewrite his fate. This is a fantasy story, so the lines of believability are inherently being stretched from the outset. But with such a cornball quest item, it’s hard to take this film entirely seriously. Fortunately, there was a prequel, so the audience can recognize that the Chalk of Destiny is nothing more than a plot device and move on. Director Bekmambetov tackles Day Watch, the middle film in his on-going sci-fi/fantasy trilogy, with all the tricks in his bag: fast-cuts, slow motion, CG effects, close-ups, zooms, explosions, etc., etc....

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Stir of Echoes

David Koepp adapted this script from the novel by Richard Matheson.  Koepp also directs this film, which stars Kevin Bacon, Kathryn Erbe, Zachary David Cope and Illeana Douglas.  It’s about a young boy who sees dead people.  Please hear me out. Jake Whitzky (Cope) is a young boy who’s “got the eyes on him”.  His father, Tom (Bacon), after goofing around with hypnosis at a party, has his eyes opened, too – but only slightly.  Tom sets out to decode his dreams and visions, then realizes that his son knows many of the answers he’s searching for.  Tom’s wife Maggie (Erbe) is skeptical, then becomes scared when Tom’s obsession in solving his mysteries makes him lose interest in going to work and even showering.  Tom’s mind begins to play tricks on him; or maybe it’s just hinting at answers to his riddles.  When Tom uncovers the truth, he realizes that his obsession has put his entire family in danger and he must reassess what is truly important in order to save himself, his family and a forgotten runaway. This film was overshadowed by The Sixth Sense, which was released the same year.  While M. Night Shyamalan is obviously a writer/director who deserves respect, I think that Stir of Echoes is a more gripping tale.  It’s not merely a mystery as The Sixth Sense really is.  The twists and turns in...

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